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Sterilised meals

We have found delicious sterilised recipes to taste anytime anywhere. <strong> Sterilization of meals is a preservation method with dry heat sterilization. It has numerous advantages including the conservation of the taste of food and a 1 to 3-year shelf life. </strong><br><p><strong>> READY-MADE MEALS</strong>: we work with French regional chiefs.<strong> For you, this is the guarantee of recipes with taste and without preservatives and additives.</strong>Each recipe is packaged in pouch and can be preserved like our granny’s jars (but without any danger of breakage). <br>In addition to <a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-429-ready-made-meals.aspx"> complete ready-made meals</a>, we have <a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-762-meat-in-sauce.aspx">meats in sauce</a> (to go with vegetables or starchy food of your choice), <a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-763-side-dish.aspx">side dish recipes</a>, <a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-549-breakfasts.aspx">breakfasts</a>, <a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-525-desserts.aspx">desserts</a> availables: Yummy! <br><strong><a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-1299-outdoor-meals.aspx">> OUTDOOR MEALS</a></strong>: a selection of sterilised meals from well-known brands in the outdoor community (<a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-742-adventure-menu.aspx">Adventure Menu</a>, <a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-752-out-meals.aspx">Out Meals</a>, <a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-1516-forestia.aspx">Forestia</a>). With interesting energy intakes, these recipes can be easily heat (bain-marie, in your pan). Pouches are compatible with self-heating pouches (see <a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-432-self-heating-meals.aspx">our self-heating meals</a>). Please note that some recipes can be eaten cold.<br>Discover <a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-754-our-tips.aspx">our tips</a> and <a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-1264-activities.aspx">our selection of meals depending on your activity</a>.</p>

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