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Food storage - Shelf life of 25 years

This category brings together food products with a shelf life of 25 years. These freeze-dried products from the brand Fuel Your Preparation make it easy to create your food stock. No more stock rotation, lightweight and quality products, to prepare them, simply pour hot or cold water, depending on the product, over the freeze-dried food. These freeze-dried cans are vacuum-sealed. They contain a different number of servings depending on the cans and dishes. You will find savory dishes, breakfasts, desserts, only freeze-dried beef or chicken. These are ideal food products for a family or a group of people.
There are 2 options to prepare your freeze-dried food:
- either you prepare an individual portion: by taking this specified portion of dry mix into a container, adding the required hot water, mixing the contents, then covering and letting it sit. You will then just have to enjoy your meal.
- or you prepare the whole can by adding the required water directly into the can: then you mix, let it sit, and you just have to enjoy.
Don't forget to season to your taste.

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