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Freeze-dried in tins - 25-year shelf life

<p>This section includes products with a 25-year shelf life. These freeze-dried products from the brand Fuel Your Preparation allow to create your dietary stock simply. No more rolling stock, light quality products, to prepare them you just have to mix the freeze-dried food with hot water.</p><p>These freeze-dried tins are vacuum-packed. They include a different number of portions depending on tins and meals.</p><p>To prepare your freeze-dried meal, you have two options. Whether you prepare an individual portion, therefore you remove this portion into a container with the needed hot water, you stir well the contents and cover it the necessary time and after you will just have to taste your meal. Whether you prepare the whole tin by adding water directly into the tin, you stir well and wait. After you have your meal ready.Do not forget to season depending on your taste.</p>

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