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Water filters, Micropur & Accesories

Water and food are absolutely essential to life. When travelling, on expeditions, or on hiking, biking and campervan trips, you must take with you the appropriate gear to purify water and avoid the risks of drinking contaminated water even if water appears clear safe. The World Health Organization estimates that contaminated water is responsible for 80% of illnesses contracted during travels abroad. Contaminated water contains 3 types of contamination pathogens:Protozoa, found in surface waterBacteria, wide propagation in hot climatesViruses, found nearby populated areas, when sewage water is mixed with potable water. Water filters are then the ideal water treatment solution to remove harmful pathogens. Solo or group travelers can choose mechanical pump filters on their adventure, expedition, or trek trips. Gravity water filters can easily fit in backpacks; they allow you to have clean water without pumping, a neat solution for group campsites and group camping. Flasks and straws are the simplest solution to drink clean water anywhere in the world. Designed for solo hikers or travellers, they are ideal to filter small amounts of water and stay hydrated. Chemical filters of the Micropur type, to use with clear water, are fast and effective in treating water, they desinfect and/or keep water potable for 6 months. Some water filters, using activated carbon, remove chemical agents, bad odor and taste from water. We have replacement parts for our entire range of water filters on the go, whether you're backpacking or travelling abroad, so you can keep your mechanical filter in good shape for a long time and we also have accessories to optimize the use of these products.

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