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Freeze-dried food: meat & starch

It's worth mentioning that starchy foods and meat are essential for adequate nutrition during outdoor activities. These foods provide you with the necessary nutrients to boost your body's energy and push your limits. Since we are talking about outdoor activities, we offer you freeze-dried meats and starches, which have great advantages for sportsmen and women, but not only. We invite you to continue reading this article to find out more.

What are freeze-dried meats and starches?

To answer this question, we will explain what freeze-drying is. Freeze-drying is an operation that consists of freezing and then dehydrating a food. This operation eliminates all the water contained in the food, thus reducing its volume. It can then be stored for longer. In addition, it reduces the risk of mould growth. Since the 1900s, when it was created, it has been continuously improved to the point where it is efficient today. We can even say that it is the best way to preserve food after processing. With the exception of honey and oil, which cannot be freeze-dried because they do not contain water, all other foods can be freeze-dried.  These include, of course, meats and starches. It is these meals that we are making available to you in this section of our website. We would like to remind you that we work with the best brands on the market that care about your well-being. This is why they provide you with the best balanced and freeze-dried meals. Take a look around and choose the ones that will delight you.

What is the importance of meat and starches for outdoor enthusiasts?

Meat and starches are the perfect combo for eating during an outdoor activity. To begin with, we will explain the benefits of meat. Meat is an interesting source of protein. As an outdoor enthusiast, you should not neglect it. Proteins are necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Proteins replenish your cells so that you can recover properly. They are made up of chains of amino acids and help create hormones and enzymes that boost your energy. By eating meat, you will fill up on iron.
It also allows your body to absorb iron better. Iron is the mineral that promotes the circulation of oxygen in the blood. Meat adds salt to ensure a balanced diet. Proteins contribute to the better functioning of the muscles. They repair tissues torn during exercise and create new ones. In addition, certain meats such as beef (still referred to as red meat) are rich in creatine. This molecule is important for sports such as hiking and trekking which require a lot of effort. Starchy foods are a good source of carbohydrates. As a sportsman, carbohydrates are your best ally. Normally, for an adult it is recommended to consume 55% carbohydrates, 15% proteins and 30% fats per day. However, when you are an athlete, the recommended carbohydrate intake rises to 70%.
This nutrient should therefore not be neglected and can be found in starchy foods. It should be noted that starchy foods have a low glycemic index. This is very favourable for filling up on energy. Moreover, during an activity requiring a long effort, carbohydrates will be released slowly. This is much better than foods with a high glycaemic index, because during exercise the carbohydrates are released too quickly.
So by eating starchy foods you can be more efficient over a longer period of time. Combined with meat, you can improve your performance and even constantly push your limits. Like meat, starchy foods are also a great source of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

When should you eat meat and starchy foods to boost your performance?

As far as starchy foods are concerned, eating them before exercise will allow you to build up a large reserve of energy that will be useful during the activity. It is recommended that you eat them about ten hours before the activity to give your body time to transform them into energy. After exercise, you can also eat starchy foods. This will be useful for the recovery phase. Pair them with meat to allow your muscles to regenerate. You can also replenish the reserves you have used up.

What are the benefits of freeze-dried meals for outdoor enthusiasts?

Freeze-dried foods have been specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts, as it makes their activities much easier. It is difficult to find adequate cooking equipment in the wild. And if you decide to take it with you, it can become very cumbersome and make the adventure dangerous.
This is why freeze-dried meals are a better alternative. To consume them, all you have to do is add hot or cold water to the meal and wait a few minutes. This information can be found on the packaging of each meal. In addition, some foods can be eaten directly from the package like for example for breakfasts, desserts, or even meals. So if you make the right choices, you won't need to take containers with you. Freeze-dried meals are packed in compact packages that you can easily slip into your travel bag. In some cases, you can dispose of the packaging by throwing it in the fire, so you don't have to carry it around.
Another advantage of freeze-dried meals is that they retain their taste and colour. So you won't have to eat bland, appetite-sapping food. They also maintain their nutritional value. Once rehydrated, they return to their original volume. You can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals.

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