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Real Turmat

<p>These are meals prepared above the Arctic circle, in Norway with fresh and quality products.</p><p>Norwegian brand, founded in 1989, located in the north of the Arctic Circle, supplier to the Norwegian, Swiss and Swedish armies.</p><p5-year shelf life. Very quick rehydration (in 5 minutes). Authentic tastes. Easy to measure quantities with a line indicating the water level on the Zip closure pouch. A wide range of dishes both lactose and gluten free. The price is justified by the authenticity of ingredients and generous portions. Voted several times in outdoor magazines as the best freeze-dried products supplier (meat, fish and vegetarian ...)</p><p>Find also other range from the brand Real: <a href="http://en.lyophilise.fr/CT-1662-real-field-meal.aspx">Real Field Meal</a> and <a href="http://en.lyophilise.fr/CT-1663-real-on-the-go.aspx">Real On the Go</a>.

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