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Our turnkey outdoor food packs

What food to choose according to your outdoor activity? What foods are suitable for your daily life? To your job? On our site, we have integrated an Activities category presenting food adapted to certain sports practices, lifestyles and even professions. Depending on your needs, you will have to choose certain criteria (weight, calories, shelf life). Our selections are intended to give you a helping hand in your choice. They are not set in stone and may change. You can also share your experience with us (team@lyophilise.com). You are free to make your own selection by visiting our other categories: freeze-dried dishes to be rehydrated, sterilised dishes to be reheated, self-heating dishes, snacks, drinks and even equipment. Hikers will find different selections depending on their type of hike.
For sailors, we have also distinguished food for skippers with a desaniliser from boaters.
For the more athletic, there are Trail or Ultra Trail and Marathon selections for self-sufficiency.
For "just in case" situations or situations that require specific items to be self-sufficient, polar expedition, survival, Bushcraft or car selections have been designed.
For everyday use, if you don't have time to buy or prepare your meals, find our range of dishes for everyday eating or even on your work site.
For outdoor activities, there are selections for a day of hunting or fishing, a game of Airsoft, a trip in a camper.

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