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Fill up on vitamins with freeze-dried fruit and vegetables

How do you fill up on vitamins, fibre and minerals?
Lyo Powders from Lyo Food can help. These freeze-dried vegetables, plants and fruits are real nature concentrates in powder form and are very easy to use on a daily basis. Many references are certified organic. The range consists of ready-to-mix drinks (smoothies & beverages) and sachets of powdered vegetables (spinach, kale, beetroot), fruit (strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, etc.) or plants (nettle) that will boost your drinks, yoghurts, pastries, gratins, etc. Would you like to know the different uses of Lyo Food Lyo Powders in your daily life and discover freeze-drying and the advantages of this preservation process? Check out the articles on the advantages and uses of Lyo Powders, real concentrates of nature, and the tips and recipes with Lyo Powders.
Lio Licious and Astronaut fruit and vegetable powders and chunks will also prove very useful in the kitchen!

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