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Bread - Long shelf life

Physical activity is necessary for good health. It protects against certain diseases and improves the quality of sleep, among other things. Physical activity also means adequate nutrition. Bread and biscuits have a prominent place in an adequate diet. In this section, we mainly talk about long-lasting breads and biscuits. This article provides an overview of these extraordinary products and the reasons for their adoption.

Long-life bread and biscuits: what are they?

Long-life breads and biscuits are nothing more than foods that have been dehydrated. This is a food preservation process that allows food to be kept for a long time.
This is different from freeze-drying, which is a process that involves first freezing a food and then dehydrating it to remove all the water from it. This process has many advantages, including the storage of the food for many years, even decades. In addition, freeze-drying does not alter the flavour or nutritional value of the food. In addition, there is no risk of the food rotting or forming moulds.
As a reminder, many foods can be freeze-dried. For a food to be eligible for freeze-drying, it must contain water. Therefore, with the exception of honey and oil, all foods can be freeze-dried.
The breads and biscuits we offer are not freeze-dried, but rather cut directly and packed in tins or airtight bags. More specifically, these are wholemeal breads, rye breads, nutrition bars, biscuits or cookies that you can nibble on during your outdoor activity. These are either packaged in bags or in tins.
These are essential staple foods that cannot be stored for long. If we take the example of wholemeal bread, you will notice that the expiry date on the tin is 2 years after the date of manufacture. This is actually a precaution taken in Germany to be able to use up stocks quickly. However, at LYOPHILISE & CO, we have certificates (which you can consult in the files of each article) stipulating that these breads can be kept for 15 years.
Breads and biscuits are foods that hard-working sportsmen and women and those who practice outdoor activities must include in their diet.

Nutritional benefits of bread for outdoor athletes

Like pasta and rice, bread is also a starch. It is therefore recommended that you eat it at every meal, especially when you are using up energy. As a sportsman, bread nourishes your efforts and sustains you throughout your adventure. It is mainly made up of starch and therefore provides you with an important carbohydrate supply.
During your hikes, you work your muscles a lot and they require a lot of energy. Thanks to the carbohydrates contained in bread, you have a good source of energy. Moreover, eating bread during the recovery phase allows you to replenish your depleted glycogen reserves.
Wholemeal bread is mainly made up of proteins, fibres, vitamins and minerals that work in synergy to ensure the regular functioning of your muscles.

Nutritional benefits of biscuits for outdoor exercisers

Biscuits are a food enjoyed by almost everyone. They are snacks that are easily integrated into our diet, whether it is for breakfast, a snack or a snack. The nutritional content of biscuits differs depending on their composition. However, those made mainly from wheat flour provide carbohydrates, fibre, (B) vitamins and minerals (mainly iron).
B vitamins are responsible for the conversion of carbohydrates into energy. Iron is an essential mineral for outdoor athletes. It is easily absorbed by the body and is involved in the production of red blood cells. It also facilitates the transport of oxygen through all the body's cells, which is essential for endurance.

Advantages of products with a long shelf life

Shelf-stable breads and biscuits are an essential part of the travel kit of any outdoor enthusiast. They have the advantage that they can be stored for many years without decaying. Thanks to their exceptional nutritional value and practicality, they allow outdoor sportsmen and women to remain self-sufficient in emergency situations.
These foods are ultra light and therefore easy to carry in the backpack. Another advantage of long shelf life foods is that they retain their flavour and colour. They also maintain their nutritional values.
They are packed in tins which are very large and can feed a whole group or family. These breads, biscuits and cakes require no preparation. All you have to do is open the package and help yourself. You can even nibble on them as you continue on your perilous way. You will be free to move around.
Breads and biscuits are foods that are always a pleasure to share with family and friends. Bread in particular is an ancestral food, which is part of the culture and wealth of the French. It is always a pleasure to taste it, share it or offer it.
Combined with biscuits, you can enjoy better health, optimal performance and moments of joy and pleasure. On our website, you can discover dairy products (butter, cheese) with which to spread your breads to change the taste and to treat yourself. In this section, you will also find flour (to be stored) to make your own recipes for bread, biscuits or cakes.

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