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Butter, Milk, Cheese - Freeze-Dried or Sterilized Dairy Products

It is known to all: for an athlete to ensure optimal performance, they must necessarily adopt optimal nutrition. The nutrient supplement they consume will help particularly during the body's recovery phase. These nutrients help, among other things, to replenish energy reserves, maintain constant body hydration, and repair muscles. Among the foods that ensure these functions, we have dairy products. Those we present in this section have a long shelf life. An overview of these extraordinary products and the various reasons to adopt them.

What is a long shelf-life dairy product?

Dairy products that have a long shelf life are nothing more than basic foods (milk, cheese...) that have undergone freeze-drying. It is a food preservation process that proves to be the most effective.
The method of freeze-drying food is a preservation process that involves freezing the food of your choice to extract all the water it contains. Among the foods that can be subjected to the freeze-drying process, we obviously count milk and cheese.
Indeed, the milk is first frozen and then dehydrated through a sublimation process. Milk being a particular food, these different steps are carried out at very low temperatures. These can go down to -40°C. This does not prevent the milk from always retaining its texture, flavor, smell, and above all, all the nutritional values it contains.
It is important to remember that this process allows dairy products to be stored at room temperature for several years, even decades. In our range, besides milk, you will mainly find basic foods like butter powder or grated parmesan.

What are the advantages of long shelf-life dairy products?

When we think of freeze-dried dairy products, we immediately think not only of hikers but also of outdoor sports enthusiasts. This is legitimate because these different products can be taken anywhere during the activity. They are particularly practical because they are easy to transport. Indeed, once rid of all water, they lose about 80% of their normal weight.  
As a result, you can easily take them with you on your outdoor expeditions. Moreover, these products save you space in your backpack. You can easily stock up on freeze-dried milk or freeze-dried cheese for long trips.
In this section, you will mainly discover powdered milk that will help you make delicious breakfasts. You will also find powdered butter to rehydrate, with which you can spread on your bread and biscuits. Grated parmesan will perfectly enhance many dishes. And for coffee lovers, you will find one from the brand Emergency Food.
All these foods are packaged in cans or airtight bags. Some have a shelf life of 10 years and others, a shelf life of 15 years. These foods are perfect for keeping you self-sufficient during emergency situations. Indeed, we can never be too careful, especially in the wild. A storm or other disaster can quickly happen and put everyone in a very delicate situation. It should be noted that the large cans are composed of several portions that can feed an entire group or family.
To consume them, simply add hot or cold water, according to your preference. Depending on the time chosen to take it, you will know perfectly how to rehydrate it.
Another advantage of this type of product lies in their nutritional distribution. Indeed, in a portion of freeze-dried milk, you can find a supply of vitamins, minerals, and proteins, devoid of water. More than 95% of the nutritional value of dairy products is contained in their freeze-dried versions. However, if we consider their caloric intake, it is important to note that it is rather low.
What is very practical with this type of product is that you can consume a sachet of freeze-dried milk while continuing your hike. Your movements remain free and the taste always pleasant. Moreover, freeze-dried dairy products are perfect after a busy day.

Nutritional contribution of dairy products for outdoor activity practitioners

Dairy products are considered the best source of calcium that we can integrate into our diet. The calcium they provide is also easily absorbed by our body. They also contain proteins and phosphorus that reinforce the effect of calcium.
Throughout our lives, we need calcium for the mineralization of teeth and bones. This benefits athletes greatly, as physical exertion involves having strong bones. Calcium is also involved in many vital functions such as hormonal functions, blood pressure, muscle contraction, cell renewal...
For athletes, we recommend consuming 3 to 4 portions of dairy products per day to meet all your calcium needs. Also, we recommend combining them with an adequate intake of vitamin D. You can, for example, consume seafood.
The proteins from dairy products are comparable to those from meat. They are particularly involved in the recovery phase after exertion. They are favorable for cell renewal and muscle strengthening. Phosphorus, on the other hand, is involved in the renewal of body tissues.
Dairy products also contain vitamins A and B12. Vitamin A is contained in milk in the form of retinol. This vitamin not only promotes the health of the skin, bones, and teeth but also vision. It also acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin B12, on the other hand, is involved in certain processes such as protein synthesis, fat burning, and the balance of the nervous system.

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