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First Aid Kit

<p>Complete first aid kits are offer for your journeys, your home in order to treat you and your family.</p><p>There are several kind of first aid kits, you can do it alone or directly buy one of our kits.</br><br>It all depends on what you want to do with. First aid kits can be prepared according to two issues: in case of small injuries and fever or in case of important injuries, haemorrhages and diseases which are likely to bring you to the A&E.</p><p>But your situation and positioning will not allow you maybe to cope with such situations.</p><p>For prevention many people prepare a first aid kit for their home, their car, when they hiking or other outdoor activities.</p><p>Each first aid kit in Freeze Dried & Co is adapted to a given situation and goes with a bag to put them more easily in your rucksack.</p>

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