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Freeze-dried gluten-free dishes

Are you gluten intolerant and looking for healthy meals to eat on your expeditions? You've come to the right place. We have selected a wide range of gluten-free freeze-dried meals for you to enjoy. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about this type of meal.

Benefits of gluten-free freeze-dried meals

In this section, we mainly offer you gluten-free freeze-dried meals. As an outdoor enthusiast, they will benefit you. They are sealed in light and compact packages that you can easily carry in your hiking bag, for example.
To consume them, all you have to do is rehydrate them in hot or cold water, depending on the recipe. They retain their taste and nutritional value, providing you with the energy you need for your activity.

Some gluten-free freeze-dried dishes

Here are some gluten-free freeze-dried dishes that you can enjoy.

Beef and potato stew

This is Real Turmat's most popular freeze-dried recipe from this Norwegian brand. It can easily be stored in the bottom of your bag for a trip. It has an energy value of 516 kcals per 100 g and can be stored for 5 years.

Chana masala - Chickpea curry with rice

This is a vegetarian dish rich in protein and carbohydrates. It is also rich in minerals that will boost your energy after a day of outdoor activities. It is prepared by the Trek'n eat brand and can be stored for 5 years. It has an energy value of 344 kcals per 100 g.

Porridge with coconut, blueberries, figs and chia seeds

This is a Lyo Food breakfast that can be rehydrated with hot or cold water. It is a high-fat, lactose and gluten free vegan dish that will give you over 500 kcals per 100g. It contains 100% natural ingredients and can be prepared in just a few minutes.

Vegetable Risotto with Chicken

This recipe is gluten-free and is prepared with approximately 300ml of water. It is produced by Travellunch, one of the cheapest brands on the market. With a calorific value of 405 kcals per 100g, this dish will give you a boost during your travels.

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