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Wet Meals

We have found some tasty sterilised recipes for you to enjoy in all circumstances. Sterilisation of dishes, also known as appertisation, is a method of preservation by heat sterilisation. It has many advantages, including preserving the taste of the food and keeping it at room temperature for 1 to 3 years.
> We work with local craftsmen. For you, it is the guarantee of recipes that taste good without preservatives or additives. Each recipe is packaged in a bag and can be kept like our grandmothers' jars (but without the risk of breakage).  In addition to the complete catering dishes, there are also meats in sauce (to be accompanied by vegetables or starches of your choice), side dishes and desserts: Yum!
> Outdoor meals: a selection of sterilised meals from well-known outdoor brands. With interesting energy content, these recipes are easy to heat up (bain-marie, in your cooker). The sachets are compatible with self-heating sachets (see our self-heating dishes). Note that some recipes can be eaten cold.
These meals are ideal for skippers, camper van drivers or truckers.

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