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Dried fruits & Superfood

Fruits, vegetables, plants, including many "super foods" are available in this selection. Whether freeze-dried, dried or in the form of fruit pastes, you will find numerous references for use in your sports or daily activities.
The fruit, vegetable, plant and even seaweed powders will accompany you in all your daily recipes (drinks, yoghurts, etc.)
Freeze-dried fruit can be crunched directly, without rehydration. 100% natural, they can also be used as a fruit salad with an addition of water or to enhance your cocktails. You'll love them! You can take them with you on a walk, on a trip or at work, as the bags are only 50g in size.
The fruits of the Rapunzel brand are organic dried fruits. Mango, apple, banana but also almonds or even walnut kernels are ideal to eat during the day to keep a source of energy during your outings or even at the office.

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