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Sterilised meat with sauce

All meat cooked in sauce is sterilised (appertised). Presented in individual bags, these meats are to be accompanied by vegetables or starchy foods (discover our vegetables and starchy foods in the "Accompaniments" tab).  Easy to prepare, you can heat them up either in a bain-marie, or in the microwave (put the contents in a dish adapted to your appliance) or directly in your frying pan or casserole.
CHOICE: we offer a wide variety of meats in sauce. Our caterers have simmered fish in sauce, poultry in sauce and meat in sauce (beef, pork, etc.).  To complete the catering range, you will find our tastefully cooked selection of breakfasts, complete meals and desserts.
These meals are ideal for outdoor activities (sailing, road-trip...) or storage. They are also perfect meals for truckers.

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