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Freeze-dried starters & soups

Any outdoor activity practitioner (hiking, ultra-trail, polar expedition...) knows that food is essential to successfully complete an adventure. It is the fuel that will make you go forward. It is therefore necessary to choose nutritious and caloric meals.
The more intense your activity, the more calories you burn. Also, the colder the climate, the more energy your body consumes. To compensate, it is therefore necessary to increase your daily caloric intake. For this, appetizers and freeze-dried soups are a perfect complement to your meals. For small appetites with moderate activity, they can serve as a complete meal at an economical price.

What you need to know about freeze-dried starter

In this product category, we differentiate between cold and hot entrees. Among the starters, we find tabbouleh or gazpacho. Among the hot entrees, we find freeze-dried soups. To prepare them, nothing could be easier. It works like the classic freeze-dried meals. You just have to add water (hot or cold depending on the recipe). Everything is indicated on the bag: quantity of water to add, cooking time...
These small dishes are ideal to calm the small hungers. For people who eat a lot, you can take them as a snack while waiting for a more substantial meal.
What are the advantages of freeze-dried appetizers and soups for hardy athletes?
Whether it's an appetizer or a soup, each one is made with natural ingredients that are beneficial to your health. They also contain essential nutrients to strengthen your muscles and improve your performance. You can eat them at any time of the day, alone or with a partner. On our site, you will find single and double portions.
You will fill up on energy by eating delicious and nutritious meals. The freeze-drying process does not alter the taste or the nutritional value of the food.
Whether you are a hiker or an outdoor enthusiast, freeze-dried foods will be your best ally. These foods are light and easy to transport. You will be able to save space in your backpack and make your trip without being overloaded.
As far as preparation is concerned, it is also easy. This is one of the reasons why you should buy these freeze-dried bags. Depending on the recipe, all you have to do is add hot or cold water. The food will return to its original form in a few minutes and you can enjoy it.

What to add to a freeze-dried starter?

A freeze-dried entrée offers between 100 and 300 kcal. To complete it, we advise you to start the day with a sweet freeze-dried breakfast or even a savory breakfast. For lunch, a soup can be accompanied by a freeze-dried fish dish for example. To finish on a sweet note, a freeze-dried chocolate dessert is a good option.
Finally, to add flavor to your entrée, you can add freeze-dried vegetables. These will rehydrate at the same time as your soup. A good way to recharge your batteries.

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