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Stoves for your Outdoor Activities : Hiking, Bushcraft, Mountaineering

Discover our range of stoves for your outdoor activities.
Our stoves for hiking, camping, expeditions and even sailing are compact, lightweight and high-performance. These outdoor cooking systems can be used to heat your water, your meal or even to cook. They're easy to carry in your rucksack for solo or group use. All these stoves run on gas, liquid fuels, multiple fuels, wood or Firedragon alcohol.

Types of stove

There are many different types of stove. The most popular is certainly the gas stove. Simple to use, it is powerful and allows you to cook quickly. It's the most popular cooking system for trekking and hiking. It's also suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities, from sailing to camping to mountaineering.
Wood-burning stoves use branches, apples or wood as fuel. It's both environmentally friendly and economical. No need to bother with gas cartridges. It's a cooking system that's very popular with bushcraft enthusiasts. It's also popular with those who go trekking on their own. Wood is abundant on hiking routes, so it's a fuel that's found everywhere.
Alcohol stoves are more suited to heating food than cooking. Most work with both solid and liquid alcohol. They are widely used by the military because they work in all weathers and all seasons. It's also very light and compact. MUL fans will appreciate this.
There are also multi-fuel stoves. These work either with liquid fuel (petrol, kerosene, etc.) or with gas cartridges. This type of stove has the advantages of both gas (it's powerful) and alcohol (it works in all weathers). It's perfect outdoor cooking equipment for expeditions!
Finally, there are solar cookers and self-heating systems. These are not as widely available, but they're still high-quality equipment. The solar cooker is very environmentally friendly, as it runs on solar energy. It's useful for picnics and outdoor outings in summer. As for the self-heating system, this means you can heat up your dish with just water. Through a simple chemical reaction, your meal will be hot. Simple and practical.

The best brands: Jetboil, MSR...

There are dozens of brands, but not all are of the same quality. At Lyophilise & Co, we take great care to select equipment that has already proved its worth. So we can assure you that all the stoves on sale on our site are durable and high-performing.
Among the best-known brands is Jetboil. This American outdoor brand is renowned for its all-in-one portable gas stoves. They often include a burner, a pot holder and a mug/pot. The heat distribution is optimised for maximum efficiency. In less than 3 minutes, you can boil 1 litre of water. Jetboils are widely used by skippers, van lifers and bivouac enthusiasts.
Other gas stoves include MSR and Optimus. Both brands offer a whole range of high-performance stoves: ultra-light gas stoves, regulated gas stoves (for better gas consumption), offset gas stoves (for greater stability) and stoves with built-in cups like Jetboil. These are quality brands that you will regularly find on your hiking trails, whether on the GR20 or the Pacific Crest Trail.
Other well-known brands include Esbit, a German brand of alcohol and solid fuel stoves often found in military rations. Toaks offers ultra-light titanium stoves, much sought after by hikers. Finally, the BRS stove will delight minimalist hikers.

Accessories to make life easier

At Lyophilise & Co, we sell a wide range of accessories that are compatible with the main stoves on the market. These range from coffee presses (ideal for waking up in the morning on a bivouac) and saucepan holders to hanging kits for attaching your stove to a chest or branch. We also sell windscreens, gas lighters and gas cartridge adapters (see Campingaz above). In short, everything you need to make your activities more comfortable without weighing you down.
What's more, we're particularly committed to the second life of a product. That's why we do our best to repair them before we're sure they're out of use. We then offer a whole range of spare parts that may enable you to avoid buying new kitchen equipment.

What activities require a cooker?

Any activity that involves cooking outdoors. Our range of stoves covers all outdoor activities: hiking, trekking, mountaineering, bivouac, bushcraft, van life, sailing, ultra-trail, bikepacking, climbing, Nordic skiing, kayaking, packraft, camping...
Gone are the days when stoves were heavy and cumbersome. Now there are optimised stoves that are both compact and lightweight. A small rucksack is all you need to carry them. You'll enjoy delicious meals even when you're away from home. They're great for varying your meals. Dehydrated or freeze-dried foods are easy to cook on a stove. Simply boil some water and then rehydrate your food. You'll get a hot meal that will give you a boost after a day's exertion and warm you up during a winter outdoor activity.

Buy your stove the easy way

To help you make the right choice, Lyophilise & Co has put together a number of decision-making tools. The first is a comprehensive guide explaining the different types of stoves in detail.
The next step is the product description. We make a point of writing explicit descriptions for each of our products. A table with the main features of the stove is also attached to each product sheet. This allows you to find out about the features of each stove: accessories supplied, warranty, materials, boiling time, etc.
If that's not enough, you can also use our comparison tool. Like the MSR PocketRocket 2 and the Optimus Crux Lite but don't know which one to get? Our comparator will show you the differences between the two cooking systems. Finally, our advisers are available by email, telephone or social networks to answer any questions you may have.

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