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Stoves for your Outdoor Activities : Hiking, Bushcraft, Mountaineering

Whether you are backpacking, trekking, camping, travelling or sailing, portable gas stoves pack light, they are compact, efficient and clean stoves. These cooking systems are so simple to use. This is the perfect solution to cook or heat up food and water in the great outdoors in normal weather conditions. They have a high heating power and you can control the flame as you wish. International EN147 gas cartridges are widely available and fit all gas stoves, except Camping Gaz, you can easily find them on your trips everywhere. There are several types of gas stoves for travel and hiking for example, such as 1/burners designed for screw gas cartridges, 2/stoves with separate fuel tanks, these offer better stability and are best for larger pans or skillets, and 3/optimized gas stoves for better performance, with the stove integrated to the pot.

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