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Energy bars for sportsmen and women

Do you love adventure, adrenaline and endurance? Is your favourite pastime to push yourself to the limit at all times? We know that endurance sports are very energy intensive. It is important to eat properly. That's why we present our energy bars. They are one of the foods you should always have with you for long efforts. If you want to know more, this article gives you a lot more information.

Everything you need to know about our energy bars

The energy bars we offer are designed for people who are passionate about sports such as hiking, ultra trail, running and bikepacking. These very exciting and energy-consuming sports require you to make a lot of effort. That's why it's important to fill this gap. As a reminder, energy bars are a type of solid food that provides carbohydrates during exercise to limit the depletion of glycogen reserves.
Therefore, their composition is extremely important. Nutrient bars are a perfect accompaniment to energy drinks when you are making intense efforts or during exceptionally long periods. They generally provide you with all the nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of your body before and during physical effort.
They contain vitamins B1, B3, E, C and minerals such as magnesium, sodium and zinc. Energy bars are basically healthy snacks and should be free of saturated fats and refined sugars. Energy bars can be consumed before, during and after physical effort.
In our shop you will find a wide range of bars of different brands. For your information, we work with the best brands on the market, such as Clif Bar, Overstim.s, Baouw, Meltonic, Maurten and many others. These bars are therefore of the highest quality and give you plenty of energy.
They are made up of nutritious and above all natural elements. They are easily digested and have no side effects. Of course, they all have different compositions, but they all play their role perfectly.

Energy bars for all tastes

We have thought of all kinds of people: those who like sweet, those who like salty and even those who prefer exotic tastes. In our shop you will find bars for every taste. You are sure to be satisfied.
For example, we have the Amelix bar made from almond paste, lemon and honey. It is designed by Overstim.s and has a soft texture. Its irresistible melting taste and its nutritional richness will help you to stay in shape during prolonged physical efforts. Eat it during exercise, about every 45 minutes, to push your limits.
We also have the seed energy bar from Adventure Food. It promises to provide 300 calories of energy during your physical effort. It is ideal for hiking and ultra trail running. Carry it in your pocket and enjoy it for the duration of your effort.
We also present the Solid 225 bar designed by Maurten. This nutritious and innovative bar is made from rice and oats. This bar is also ideal for ultra trail running and performance. You can consume it before, during or after your efforts.
We also present the energy bar made of oats and peanut butter. It is designed by Clif Bar and carefully enriched with 11 vitamins and minerals. It is a safe source of protein and vitamins. Your body will certainly need it during outdoor activities such as hiking, ultra trail and bikepacking.
If you need a fruity taste, we have the Mulebar Organic Mango & Cashew Bar for you. This recipe is one of the most popular of this brand. It is popular because it is ideal for any endurance activity. It promises to provide 141 calories.
You can find many other bars on our website. Log on and help yourself. All these bars are easily absorbed by your body. So you will feel the effects immediately.

Energy bars for people with allergies

As mentioned above, you can all find the bar that will make you happy on our site. We have thought about people with gluten, lactose and other allergies. We also have bars for vegan and vegetarian people.
We offer you the Chimpanzee energy bar with peanuts and other natural ingredients. It is a soft snack very rich in fibre.  It is ideal for all types of outdoor activities. If you like to put in a lot of effort over a long period of time, this bar is perfect for you. Adventure Food's seed bar is also perfect for vegans and vegetarians.

Characteristics of the energy bars

The bars we offer are some of them organic and made only with natural ingredients. You can find bars on our site that can provide up to 1500 calories. Some bars can also be stored for up to 6 years.

Our other types of nutrition bars

On our site we have other types of nutrition bars, including protein bars. Protein bars are just as important as energy bars, as they help to promote muscle recovery. However, they are low in carbohydrates. They are therefore ideal to take after exercise. However, you can consume them during exercise, particularly when hiking.
Lyophilise & Co also offers cereal bars that are perfect for those who are a little hungry. You can take them with you everywhere, during an outdoor activity or at the office. For those with a sweet tooth, our catalogue also contains chocolate bars. But be careful that they don't melt during your outdoor activities to avoid sweet saturation, we also have a range of salty energy bars !
Finally, for those who are in a hurry or hikers who don't want to take a lunch break, there are meal bars. They contain all the nutrients of a meal. Ideal for a good smile without wasting time.

What to supplement with?

Alternating between solid and liquid foods is a good way to avoid fatigue. For example, you can opt for energy gels or energy purees. This type of sports nutrition has the advantage of being well assimilated. For those who find gels too sweet, they can be diluted with water.
Energy drinks should also not be overlooked. Rich in carbohydrates, they help avoid hypoglycaemia during long efforts.
Finally, electrolyte drinks are ideal for replenishing the minerals lost through perspiration. Minerals are essential. Each of them (potassium, sodium, magnesium, etc.) plays an essential role.

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