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Freeze-dried dishes - Meat, Fish or Vegetarian

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for a way to satisfy your dietary needs while out and about? Freeze-dried meals are just what you need. Do you know what a freeze-dried meal is? Do you have any idea of its benefits to you and where you can find it? This article will give you more details about these meals that are suitable for you. Find out all about freeze-dried meals and their benefits for people doing outdoor activities (trekking, bikepacking, mountaineering...)!

What do you need to know about freeze-dried meals?

A freeze-dried dish is a dish that contains food that has been frozen between -40 and -60°C. The food is then dehydrated in a vacuum machine, where the temperature rises to 0°C. The water in the food is gradually dehydrated, resulting in a hard, water-free food with a long shelf life.
It should be noted that this technique has several significant advantages. Indeed, when the water contained in the food is extracted, the volume of the food decreases. This makes it easy to transport, as it is put in a freeze-dried bag. In addition, when you freeze-dry a food, it retains its nutritional values and organic qualities, which is contrary to other food preservation operations where the food loses its values.

Who can eat freeze-dried food?

Anyone can consume freeze-dried food. In fact, unlike some food preservation processes, freeze-dried food can be eaten by everyone.
This is because freeze-drying does not kill any nutritional compounds in the food. Thus, it does not create a nutritional deficiency that could be considered dangerous. This is not necessarily the case with a dehydrated dish which, although easier to make yourself, will not retain as many nutritional values (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, etc.).
This is why there are no age restrictions or restrictions that say that a person suffering from such and such a pathology cannot consume freeze-dried dishes. So, enjoy freeze-dried meals with complete peace of mind.

Some of the freeze-dried recipes we sell

There are several types of freeze-dried meals, already prepared and packed in a freeze-dried bag that you can buy directly. Among the best recipes, here are some breakfasts and meals that we have selected for you :
→ chocolate muesli;
→ oatmeal with raspberry;
→ pulled pork with rice;
→ tartiflette savoyarde;
→ gratin dauphinois with three cheeses;
→ scrambled eggs (with cheese, ham, onions or Mexican style).
In addition to these recipes, there are many others that are very nutritious and that you may enjoy, such as pork and beans, pasta Bolognese, Moroccan couscous. If any of these recipes appeal to you, treat yourself during your outdoor activities!

How much does a freeze-dried meal cost?

The price of a freeze-dried meal varies according to its content. For a good breakfast, you will need between 3 and 10 euros. For starters and soups, you should expect to pay between 3 and 8 euros. A main course will cost you between 6 and 10 euros and a dessert will cost you between 3 and 8 euros.
These prices are market standards and can vary according to the brand (Mx3, Real Turmat, Voyager...). Moreover, when you are looking for a more elaborate dish (100% natural or noble ingredients) it is possible that the price is slightly higher. But generally, freeze-dried dishes are not expensive.

Why is it not advisable to prepare freeze-dried food yourself?

The preparation of a freeze-dried dish requires a freeze-dryer, which is a very expensive piece of equipment. For the more adventurous, you must first select the dish to be prepared. Then, you need to gather the necessary ingredients for the preparation of the dish.
Once all the ingredients are ready, the meal must be prepared in the correct doses. Many people do not respect the doses at this stage, which is not good for the meal to be preserved. Moreover, when storing it in a refrigerator for a while, many people do not know how long it should be kept before being put in a bag. Sometimes this makes homemade freeze-drying toxic.
That is why it is advisable to consume meals from reputable brands such as Real Turmat or Lyo Food to avoid bad freeze-drying, as bad freeze-drying can make you sick after consuming the dish.

Why are they suitable for outdoor enthusiasts?

Outdoor enthusiasts are the main consumers of freeze-dried food. This is because they are often on the move and are not stable. Also, the settings in which they practice their activities do not allow them to prepare real meals.
For example, if you are going on a trip, a hike, a trek or a mountaineering trip for some time, you will not be able to prepare food because of the lack of time and because carrying fresh food is heavy and difficult to store in hot weather. In addition, you may find it difficult to find food near you. And even if you do find it, you may not like it depending on the country you are travelling to.
Then keeping freeze-dried food is the best option for you in these cases. This solution will allow you to have food autonomy and to skipper your food desires. From this point on, freeze-dried meals meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.
Finally, the main advantage remains the lightness of these dishes compared to traditional meals. It is also easy and quick to prepare.

Get your freeze-dried meals at www.freezedriedandco.com

The online shop www.freezedriedandco.com offers a variety of meals in different ranges to suit all your needs. These dishes are prepared by freeze-drying experts and are offered at very attractive prices.
Visit the site and check out the dishes available. You have the possibility to pay for packs, which is less expensive. For your trip or any trip in the wilderness, choose Lyophilise & Co to quickly find the dish that suits you best. We have the widest choice in Europe. Choose the products you want, pay with your favourite payment method and have them delivered to your home quickly.

How do I eat a freeze-dried meal?

To eat your freeze-dried meal, you must first hydrate it. This hydration allows the meal to heat up and become warm as if it had just been prepared. So, to hydrate your meal, you can do it with hot water. Heat the water, add it to the meal, stir and wait for a while before eating. Some meals can also be rehydrated with cold water. All the instructions are indicated on the sachets: preparation time, quantity of water to bring, shelf life, etc.
In case you are hiking or trekking in an area where you cannot heat the water, here is a tip for you. Put water in a canister and cover it with hot sand. The sand will heat the water so that you can rehydrate your meal. It is very easy to eat a freeze-dried meal in any environment.

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