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Freeze-dried desserts

Freeze-dried desserts turn out to be excellent snacks to take along. They are light, quick to prepare, and perfectly meet the needs of hikers, mountaineers, skippers, and other endurance athletes. In addition to their nutritional quality, they are an excellent way to treat yourself at the end of a meal with a little sweet touch.

What is a freeze-dried dessert?

It is simply a dessert (compote, chocolate mousse, rice pudding...) that has been prepared and then freeze-dried. Freeze-drying is a food preservation technique that involves freezing and then dehydrating them. Among the long list of freeze-dryable foods, we find the ingredients that make up desserts. These include chocolate, milk, fruits, nuts, and many others.
Freeze-dried desserts perfectly complement the main freeze-dried dishes. Enjoying them is a way to end your meal with a feeling of sweetness. They are very nutritious and delicious. Beyond their irresistible tastes, they are also ideal for all your outdoor activities. Indeed, for each activity, you can find the dessert that will give you the necessary nutrients. They provide you with the dose of carbohydrates you need to boost your performance and compensate for your weaknesses.
It is the perfect snack to consume when you have to spend more than four hours walking in nature. You will find freeze-dried desserts to rehydrate hot, such as rice puddings, and freeze-dried desserts to rehydrate cold, like crispy creams, compotes, or chocolate mousses. You will also find freeze-dried desserts that are consumed dehydrated, such as ice cream sandwiches from the Astronaut brand.

What are the advantages of freeze-dried desserts for outdoor activity enthusiasts?

Dehydrated and packaged in compact and lightweight packaging, freeze-dried desserts are easy to carry inside your backpack. Indeed, when a food is dehydrated, it loses more than 80% of its weight.
This is an asset that hikers, bikepackers, and skippers do not overlook. Moreover, thanks to their ease of preparation, they represent the ideal snack to soothe unexpected cravings.
Finally, freeze-drying preserves their taste and energy value. These are therefore delicious and nutritious desserts that you will enjoy once rehydrated.

Freeze-dried desserts for all tastes

Freezedried & Co offers you a varied range of freeze-dried desserts for all tastes. We collaborate with the best brands on the market such as MX3, Lyo Food, Summit To Eat, and Tactical Foodpack. These quality brands ensure to provide you with desserts that are both delicious and good for your health.
You will find the right desserts for you, whatever your preferences. In terms of tastes, our catalog consists of chocolate desserts and dairy desserts.
Our diverse range is designed to meet all your needs in hiking, trekking, mountaineering, or polar expeditions. The fruit-based freeze-dried desserts like compote will replenish lost energy and revive your taste buds. You can gain from 100 to 600 kcals in one portion.
As an alternative to desserts, there are freeze-dried fruits. These can be consumed without prior rehydration.

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