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Vegetarian freeze-dried dishes

Are you a vegetarian? Or do you have a vegetarian relative? Do you enjoy hiking or any other similar activity? You probably have such a busy schedule that you can no longer cook. Sometimes you even decide to go meatless. We have freeze-dried vegetarian food to make your life easier. Find out what you need to know by reading the rest of this article.

Freeze-dried vegetarian meals: Why?

Freeze-dried meals are, as you probably know, foods that have been freeze-dried. Since all foods can be freeze-dried, we have thought about the different types of food. Vegetarians also have their own freeze-dried meals. Indeed, it is not uncommon to find hikers, mountaineers and others who are vegetarians. In addition, some people follow diets that do not include animal products.
Food on a hike is a bit like your fuel. When it is not good or does not satisfy you, the situation becomes a bad experience, especially for vegetarians. The variety of freeze-dried meals for vegetarians will help you to avoid this situation. Besides protein bars and some foods, it is not usual to find energy snacks for vegetarians.

Vegetarian freeze-dried meals: some menus

A bag full of freeze-dried food allows you to go on a hike without worrying too much about what you will eat. It is obvious that eating the same meal for several days can sap your morale. So you need to find out what meals are available to you. We can help you with this. Our shop has hundreds of products to please your taste buds and strengthen your body.

At breakfast

This is the first meal of the day. It must be chosen and eaten with care in order to be able to face the day's activities. Can you see yourself having coffee or tea every morning during an outdoor experience? It's clear that this type of menu will eventually bore you. Besides, it's not in the morning that you'll have to start looking for your lunch. To help you out, we suggest a variety of foods for a good and varied breakfast during your adventure. Here are a few of them.
  • Chocolate muesli: It's not expensive, but it provides you with over 500 Kcal of energy. It can be stored for five years and is produced in Germany by the Travellunch brand (a reference in the freeze-dried food market) with a weight of 145 g including packaging. It requires little water with instant preparation time. It is a concentrate of oatmeal, milk, chocolate and other little delights for your taste buds.

At lunch

The lunch break is the time to regain the maximum amount of energy lost during activities. For a good rest, you need a good meal, quick to prepare and easy for the body to digest. For this purpose, a variety of dishes are available in our shop.
Treat yourself to Onigiri - rice dumplings with vegetables or Onigiri - rice dumplings with kombu. We also have Moroccan couscous and green curry with nettle rice for you. For more variety, we have pasta dishes such as: macaroni and cheese packages, cheese and mushroom pasta, three-cheese gratin dauphinois and many other dishes for your well-being.

Dessert or snack

It's time to indulge yourself or pass the boredom with a tasty snack. The products we offer not only satisfy your needs, but also give you a boost of energy. Here are just a few of the products we have:
Take your pick and end your meals with a sweet treat.

The packs

Freeze-dried packs are a treasure trove for hikers. Indeed, the packs are designed to offer even more convenience. They generally include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. They are designed according to the duration of your activity. Inside, you have a few accessories such as a flameless heater, cutlery, handkerchiefs...

Advantages for hikers, mountaineers, skippers, etc.

Freeze-dried food is in itself an advantage for the consumer. For hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, it is a godsend. It is the kind of product that makes your life easier in many ways.


Freeze-dried vegetarian foods are available at low cost. For a dinner or lunch for which you could have spent 15 euros, for example, with a package from us for less than 5 euros, you have your meal ready to eat. Admit that spending 15 euros on three meals is always more beneficial than spending the same amount on one.

Shelf-stable and nutritious for a long time

Let's say you want to go on an outdoor activity for a week or so. You manage to cook enough food for a week. How do you plan to keep it for that long without losing its nutrients? Even if you have a long-term preservation method, the food would certainly lose its nutritional value.
Freeze-dried food saves you the trouble. Protein-rich foods without meat can be hard to find for vegetarians. Freeze-dried vegetarian snacks are mostly high in protein and provide a high energy value.

Easy to transport

Have you ever had to carry a morning's worth of lunch? Now imagine that same weight and proportion for a two-day hike. It's clear that it will be difficult to carry. You won't have room to carry them all. With a freeze-dried package of just 200g, you can carry as many products as you like. You get extra space with the special packs, because of their content.

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