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Pack - Food reserves for 12 months - Emergency & Survival

These turnkey packs from Katadyn's Emergency Food and Fuel Your Preparation range provide you with a year's worth of food in the event of a survival situation or shortage. These packs have a shelf life of 15 to 25 years depending on the brand. They are generally freeze-dried products. They have several advantages for your food reserve. First of all, they can be kept at room temperature, so you don't need a fridge and therefore electricity to keep them. They are easy to handle thanks to their lightness. In addition, they can be prepared by rehydrating them with hot water only. Fuel Your Preparation's survival packs offer one dish for one person per day for 12 months, or two dishes per day for 6 months. The Emergency Food pack is a food pack containing mainly staple foods for storage and cooking in an emergency situation. You can see the details of each pack directly in the corresponding article sheet.

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