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Dishes - Shelf stable food

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? You are welcome to this section. As an athlete you must make your diet a priority. When we talk about outdoor activities, we are necessarily talking about light and practical travel kit. This means that you need to carry a variety of food with you, but it shouldn't get in the way of your adventure. That's why we've thought of dishes with a long shelf life. Find out more about these special dishes in this text and don't hesitate to buy them for your outdoor sports activities.

What are shelf-stable dishes?

First of all, it is important to know that for a food to have a long shelf life, it must be freeze-dried. Freeze-drying is a food preservation process that has long been thought of. Once developed, it proved to be efficient. To be more precise, it is a food preservation technique that consists of first freezing and then dehydrating the food.
This reduces their mass and makes them easier to transport during shipment. These foods are then packed in bags or tins to form complete and delicious dishes. Freeze-drying helps to preserve the meals for many years. Also, all these foods are protected from possible mould growth.
Many of the foods commonly used to make good food can be freeze-dried. From meat to eggs, from starches to vegetables, the long-life dishes in the Lyophilise & Co range are very nutritious. They are perfect to start a hectic day or to regain energy during your journey.
We work with a number of brands including Emergency Food and Fuel Your Preparation, who are dedicated to providing you with the very best in freeze-dried food. These brands are ideal if you are planning to build up your food reserves.

Benefits of shelf stable meals for outdoor enthusiasts

Shelf-stable meals are particularly suitable for outdoor enthusiasts and people in emergency situations. In the wilderness, disasters can happen quickly, putting hikers in a very difficult situation. In these situations, food becomes the most important thing to survive. Since these dishes have a long shelf life, you have the possibility to stock up on food.
It should be noted that freeze-dried meals are very light and therefore easy to transport. Also, because they are packaged, they will save you a lot of space in your backpack. You will also not need to keep any accessories other than your backpack. This allows you to be free to move around.
Being out in the wilderness, you don't need to carry any more kitchen equipment or other accessories. The freeze-dried dishes are very practical and you don't need any cutlery. You can enjoy them directly from the package. And the way they are prepared is also a real bonus. Simply rehydrate them in hot or cold water (depending on the meal) and wait a few minutes to enjoy.
Outdoor activities such as hiking or trekking require enough energy. Your diet must therefore allow you to fill up on essential nutrients to stay strong and even push your limits. These dishes therefore retain their nutritional value and provide you with all the nutrients your body needs. You simply select them according to the activity and the energy requirements involved.
Freeze-dried meals also retain their flavour and smell. Once rehydrated, they return to their original volume. This means you get delicious food.

Advantages of long-life meals for people seeking independence

Living an independent life means dealing with many situations.  Perhaps you have a job that takes up most of your time? Coming home late and having to wear your apron is a very unpleasant situation in your daily life. Moreover, it leaves little time for a good rest, especially if you still have work to do. So what could be better than a ready-made meal waiting to be eaten?
These dishes save you time and energy. All you have to do is stock your cupboard and you're done. As long as you want, you can take them out and eat them at any time. Moreover, these are not perishable products if they are stored in good conditions. Another big advantage is that you can make these stocks without spending too much money.

With freeze-dried foods, you don't need to be an expert in the kitchen. The food no longer needs to be cooked in order to be eaten. In addition, they retain all the essential nutrients that the body needs. They also contain as few substances as possible that are harmful to the body, especially since freeze-dried meals are bacteria-free.

Discover our meals - long shelf life

In this section you will find a wide range of meals that can be eaten at any time of the day. On our website you will find canned meals with :
You will also discover dishes in bags, which can be kept for 2 to 5 years.
You will discover delicious breakfasts to start your day. These are accompanied by complete meals that will give you the energy you need to improve your performance. For those who prefer to end their meal on a sweet note, the delicious desserts on the site are made for you. You will also find delicious snacks to keep you from getting bored during your journey. Our breads and biscuits are even more convenient, as they don't need to be rehydrated. You can just eat them straight from the packet.
You will also find dairy products, starchy foods, vegetables and meats that are essential for a sportsman. They have the nutritional values that your body needs to remain efficient.

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