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Outdoor Gear

To practice an outdoor activity, you often need to take with you a good equipment. Indeed, it can last for several days and it is therefore wise to plan everything. You will need to think about food, water, protection, medical care and of course sleep. We present you the essential hiking equipment to take with you to fully enjoy your adventure. Whether you're hiking or bushcrafting, this equipment will ensure that you have an experience without unpleasant surprises and that you remain self-sufficient.

Equip yourself to sleep in the wild

Backpacking and bushcraft often take place over several days. You need to have the necessary bivouac equipment to spend a good night without getting cold. Sleep is essential to recover after a day of intense effort during which you will have covered a lot of positive altitude difference.
For this, you need at least a sleeping bag. The purpose of a sleeping bag is to trap body heat and prevent it from escaping. Made of down or synthetics, they protect you from the coolness of the air. Take advantage of the best brands on Freezedriedandco.com: Therm-a-Rest or Nemo.
Then, the sleeping bag can be coupled with various accessories to improve your comfort. If you sleep on the ground, you will need a mattress. There are three types: foam mattresses, inflatable mattresses and self-inflating mattresses. To find out the differences between each, check out our guide to buying a hiking mattress. The purpose of the mattress is to insulate you from the ground (where the coolness comes from) and to provide comfort by preventing you from lying on hard ground.
Lovers of sleeping under the stars will stop there. But for the vast majority, owning a tent is a must. It protects against rain, wind and insects. The most common tents are 2-person tents, but there are also tents for 1, 3 and 4 people. At Lyophilise & Co, we select light and quality tents. Our models are durable and will accompany you on your adventures for many years. If you value comfort, dome tents are appreciated for the large interior space they offer.
If you sleep high up, you don't need a mattress or a tent. But you will need a hammock. Contrary to popular belief, a hammock is not only useful for napping. It is also very useful for a full night's sleep. You won't have any backache and the rocking motion of the hammock will help you fall into a deep sleep more quickly.
To protect you from wind and rain, a tarp is a good solution. This is attached to the top of your hammock and is completely waterproof. Water will run off around your hammock and you will stay dry.

Discover everything you need to cook

In addition to sleep, food is essential when hiking. Indeed, it is a very energy-consuming activity. You must therefore constantly regain your strength, and for this you must not miss any meal. It is best to eat high-calorie, nutrient-rich meals such as freeze-dried meals. To this end, it is important to have the minimum and adequate equipment to prepare food. We are also aware that for an outdoor activity, it is preferable to be as light as possible. That's why we present you with stoves that are light and easy to carry. They are also compact and efficient. We have :
  • Gas stoves,
  • Wooden stoves,
  • Alcohol stoves,
  • Multi-fuel stoves,
  • Solar cookers, etc.
These stoves are easy to use and designed with a safety system to prevent fire. There is also self-heating equipment, which does not require fire or gas. They are safer, as you only need to pour a little water on the heaters to trigger the system. The latter is highly recommended, as it will make your travel bag even lighter. If you choose a self-heating system, you won't need a stove or gas. You can choose between zip bags and flameless heaters. With these materials, you can easily heat your meals and drinks.
To complete the equipment, we also offer you the popotes, which can be placed on all types of stoves. Our titanium pots are among the best sellers because they are robust and ultra-light. You can use them to prepare food or heat water or to cook freeze-dried meals. You can also find cutlery for serving and eating. All these accessories are practical for your outings. They are light, strong and compact. They are perfect for cooking good food while spending a convivial moment with friends.
For those who like comfort, Freezedried & Co also offers a wide range of pots and pans for cooking with refinement. Finally, if you don't like to cook, you will appreciate our isothermal food holders. These keep your meals hot or cold for several hours.

Everything you need for hydration

The third important aspect of hiking and bushcraft is hydration. It is even more important than food. By walking or running, we lose litres of water that are essential to our survival. It is important to replace them immediately to avoid severe dehydration. The best drink for this is water.
Hydration is certainly essential, but should we drink just any water? The answer is definitely no! You can carry water with you, but it can quickly become too much. You will therefore have to replenish your supplies in nature. However, the water found there is not always drinkable, even if it is clear. It can be polluted with protozoa, bacteria and even viruses. This is why it is important to carry equipment to purify the water.
We offer all types of water filters. They are effective in removing all pathogens from the water. On our site, you will find many water filters:
  • Pump water filter: it is perfect for filtering turbid water. If you don't have only muddy water available, you can drink it without any risk. Some models are effective against viruses;
  • Gravity water filter: This filter is ideal for drinking water no matter where you are on the globe. It is even easier to use than pump filters. You can filter your water effortlessly. For example, you will find the LifeStraw Mission gravity filter which effectively filters out viruses;
  • Water filter straws: for individual use, you can opt for filter straws. Their main advantage is that they are lightweight. However, it is not possible to filter turbid water with them, as there is a risk of clogging them. This is still the most common accessory for hiking;
  • Filtering bottles: very effective, they are also suitable for all types of outdoor activity. All you have to do is fill the tank of the bottle and drink. As you drink, the water is instantly filtered;
  • Water purifier: unlike a water filter, the water purifier is necessarily effective against viruses. A good way to avoid catching a disease when you are in a remote area.
All these accessories are light and easy to carry. They are also easy to store and do not take up too much space. You can also find chemical filtration systems on our website. Behind the scary name, there is nothing rocket science. They are simply tablets that you put in your water to make it drinkable. Micropur tablets are very well known in the outdoor world. Thanks to these filters, you don't have to carry heavy water supplies. This saves you a lot of weight and space.
In addition to these filters, Freezedried & Co offers a wide range of water bottles and tanks. You will find: soft water bottles, isothermal bottles, jerry cans, recycled plastic water bottles, water bags...

Our survival accessories for optimal safety

We can never be too careful, especially in the wild. An accident can quickly turn into a tragedy. When an emergency situation arises, you need to have high-quality emergency equipment with you. This will allow you to either signal for help or to get to safety. It will also allow you to treat yourself in case of illness or injury. You will find first aid kits, survival accessories (survival blankets, whistles, etc.) and other essential equipment for your outdoor activities.
Our range also includes evacuation bags, developed in collaboration with Secouristes Sans Frontières. These bags are fully-fledged survival kits that can help for up to 3 days. They are composed of all the essential modules in case of an emergency such as first aid kits, water, food, lamps, communication materials, GPS and many others.  To optimise your own comfort with these bags, you have the possibility to store personal belongings inside. The bag is large enough and has enough room for.
You will also find survival shelters to protect you in case of showers or breezes. These shelters can be put up in one go, which is a good way to deal with an emergency situation. Body and hand warmers are also available.

Wide range of outdoor equipment

Our catalogue contains many other useful items for hiking and bushcraft. Among them, you will find hiking poles, tools (knives, shovels, axes) or lighting equipment (headlamps, lanterns...). In addition, the "Energy" category includes powerbanks (otherwise known as external batteries) and solar panels. You will have everything you need to hike in total autonomy.
Finally, we also have care and hygiene equipment. Umbrellas, foot cream, microfiber towels, concentrated shampoo and portable showers. You are bound to find what you need.

Discover our stock of books and maps

For your entertainment, we have books available. These books will help you learn more about hiking and other activities in nature. They teach you in detail about life-saving techniques. You will have more explanation on the use and functioning of survival equipment.

The book "Dare to be independent" by Jean-Louis Etienne teaches you how to manage on your own. It gives you all the basics you need to take care of yourself in the wild. This way, you won't panic when you find yourself in tricky situations. With the book 'Extreme Runner' by Vincent Hulin, you will learn a lot about all his adventures. It will inspire you for your own. Similarly, in the book "Le Contient Blanc", Mattieu Tordeur tells you about his incredible adventures in Antarctica.

You will also find topographical maps to guide you on your journey. These maps are cleverly laminated, so that you can use them even in the event of rain. They are also sturdy and will not get damaged. The maps show the various routes within the sites and give you the necessary information about them.

You can read these books before your adventure in the wilderness (which is highly recommended). However, you can also take them with you on your journey, so that you can fly away into exciting worlds.

A team at your service

If you have a technical question about one of our products, contact us. Our experts will provide answers to your questions. We will give you valuable advice to help you have a better experience.

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