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Nutritional analysis summary for my basket

The basket summary data and the calculator are provided for information only to help you prepare your meals and snacks. But they are obligation-free. We do our best to ensure the accuracy of the data provided, but we recommend that you do your own checks to ensure that all of your energy needs are covered.

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Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional needs


A tool to calculate your nutritional needs per day

In partnership with Nicolas Aubineau, Sports Nutritionist & Dietitian, we have developed a tool on www.lyophilise.fr, which allows you to find out about your nutritional needs according to:
  • Your activity: each activity, whether sedentary, moderate, intense or extensive (sailing, hiking, paddling, running, cycling, ski touring, etc.) produces a different energy requirement;
  • The climate: in cold weather, your needs are greater than in hot or temperate weather. A sailor going around the world will need more energy in cold weather than in hot weather;
  • Your age: a younger person will need to eat more than an older person;
  • Your weight: a person of 60-70kg has fewer needs than a person of 80 to 90kg;
  • Your gender: a man needs more energy than a woman.
Thanks to all this data that you can complete below or directly in your basket, we can calculate your nutritional needs per day.
Our table gives the total energy of your basket divided by the number of days of your activity.
Thus, it will allow you to compare the complete daily intake of protein, lipids, carbohydrates and calories required, according to the criteria selected with those in your current basket.
On average, it is recommended to have 50 to 60% carbohydrates, 20 to 25% fat and 15 to 20% protein,  depending on your activity. (1g of carbohydrate = 4kcal/1g of protein = 4kcal/1g of fat = 9kcal). These average values have been taken from several published sources.
It will then be possible to readjust your basket according to our suggestions.
This tool is a global study, each person is different with different needs.

Data to calculate your needs


Table 1: Expended energy according to your activity  

Activity Kcal Proteins (%) Lipids (%) Carbonhydrates (%)
Sedentary 2100 20 25 50
Moderate activity 2500 20 25 55
Intensive activity 3000 15 25 60
Sailing 3500 15 20 65
Walking 3500 15 25 60
Airsoft 3500 15 20 60
Rowing 3500 15 25 60
Running 3500 15 20 65
Biking 3500 15 25 60
Tour skiing 3500 15 25 60

Table 2 : Coefficient to energy according to weather

Weather zone Coefficient to energy
Cold 1.2
Temperate 1
Warm 1

Tableau 3 : Coefficient to energy according to age

Age Coefficient to energy
20 - 40 years 1
40 years and + 0.94

Tableau 4 : Coefficient to energy according to weight

Weight Coefficient to energy
50 - 60 kg 0.89
60 - 70 kg 1
70 - 80 kg 1.11
80 - 90 kg 1.21
90 - 100 kg 1.32

Tableau 5 : Coefficient to energy according to gender

Gender Coefficient to energy
Man 1.05
Woman 0.95
Table 1 gives the daily energy expended, as well as the Protein/Lipid/Carbohydrate distribution according to the activity.
Tables 2, 3 and 4 are the coefficients to be applied to the energy expended daily (in purple in Table 1) according to the criteria selected in the drop-down menus.
E.g. a 30 year old woman weighing 50kg, who does Airsoft in hot weather, will be at: 3,000 x 0.95 x 0.89 x 1 x 1 = 2,536kcal per day
Thanks to this nutritional summary, you will also find the net (food) and gross (food + packaging) weight of your order total. For example, when hiking, it is ideal to have as many calories as possible with minimum weight.
You also have the amount of water you need to rehydrate your freeze-dried meals. Warning: if you order sterilised dishes to be reheated in a water bath, the amount of water is not indicated.