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Cooking equipment and stoves for Hiking, Bivouac, Outdoor

Our stoves for backpacking and camping trips, or even on expedition or sailing trips, are compact, lightweight and highly efficient for use in any outdoor activities. These burners that serve to boil water, heat up or cook meals are great and easy to carry in backpacks; some stoves are designed for single users while others are best for small groups. All our portable stoves operate with gas, liquid or multi-fuel, wood or alcohol for the Firedragon stove. First, gas stoves are the lightest and easiest solution to adopt for boiling water or cooking meals on hike and camping trips or when you are traveling. This is a widespread choice but it can be difficult to find gas cartridges in remote places. In that case, you can opt for a multi-fuel or liquid fuel burner because such stoves use gasoline, petroleum, diesel, kerosene, or unloaded gas as fuels, and these fuels are easy to find wherever you are in the world. Moreover, these stoves can deal with all climate conditions. Wood stoves are easy to use because wood is abundant and it's an eco-friendly fuel, so you'll be able to boil water or cook your meal while hiking or camping. Alcohol stoves are very lightweight, and alcohol, whether liquid or solid, does not freeze. Gas cartridges and fuels are suitable for different backpacking stoves, all of them can be found on our website. The gas cartridges we offer are suited for JetBoil, Optimus or FurnoStove stoves. Besides, we have some Accessories available to help you use all the functionalities of your stove, and we also provide stove repair parts that might need replacing.

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