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Best sellers of our freeze-dried meals

Are you an outdoor enthusiast or professional? Do you like to constantly push your limits and improve your performance? You probably know that such an energy-consuming activity requires that you eat properly. So we have selected a range of best-selling freeze-dried meals for you. Just read this article and make your choices.

This is a breakfast made by Summit To Eat, which will save you about 450 Kcal. It can be stored for about 7 years after production. You can eat it directly from the package. Just add hot water and after a few minutes it's ready.
This 100% natural freeze-dried dish is also one of our best sellers. It is also a carbohydrate-rich breakfast from Summit To Eat that will help you start your day full of energy.
This nugget is a breakfast from Mx3 Aventure, made with chocolate chunks and wholegrain cereals. You can also enjoy it as a snack or dessert. It is one of our best sellers and no wonder, as it is rich in vitamins and fibre. It gives you the energy you need to perform well for a long time.
This is a vegan soup, made by Adventure Menu with 100% organic ingredients. It is light, compact and can be easily stored in your hiking bag. It's convenient because the package has a water line to let you know exactly how much water to add.
This is a savoury vegan meal made by TentMeals. It is also a dehydrated dish that will save you about 800 kcals. To eat it, simply rehydrate it in hot water in a dish. After 3 minutes, your meal is ready. The package weighs only 200 g, so you can easily carry it in your hiking bag.
A product of Tactical Foodpack, this freeze-dried meal is made with 100% natural ingredients. It is suitable for vegan diets and is gluten and lactose free. You can rehydrate it with hot or cold water. In the latter case, you will need to double the preparation time.
This is a vegetarian dish made by the Voyager brand. It is very popular for its taste and energy value of 367 kcals. It is made without addictive elements. It will be your precious companion during all your outdoor activities. It can be rehydrated with cold water and is packaged in biodegradable packaging.

Our range is much more varied. If you continue on this page, you will find many more dishes, some as delicious and nutritious as others.

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