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Freeze-dried Dairy Products: Cheese, Milk, Butter

As we all know, optimal nutrition is the foundation of an athlete's performance. Supplementation with nutrients and fluids helps to replenish energy reserves, promote muscle repair and hydrate the body after strenuous exercise. Among the various sports supplements are sports nutrition products and freeze-dried milk products. With an incredible preservation process, they are an ideal alternative for sports recovery. Let's take a look at these incredible products and the different reasons to adopt them.

What is a freeze-dried dairy product?

The freeze-drying method is a preservation process that consists of freezing the food of your choice in order to completely extract the water. Milk can follow this process and become a fully freeze-dried product. In fact, the milk is first frozen and then dehydrated by sublimation. These different steps are done in extremely negative temperatures. They can reach less than 40°C. However, the freeze-dried milk product retains the appearance, taste and smell, but also all the nutritional values of the milk used. It is important to remember that this process allows dairy products to be stored for several years at ambient temperatures. The same applies to cheese or milk desserts, for example. You can easily rehydrate them.

What are the advantages of freeze-dried dairy products?

When you think of freeze-dried dairy products, you think of hikers, but also of outdoor sportsmen. Why do you think of this? Because these different products can be taken everywhere during your activity. Freeze-dried dairy products are convenient at the time of your activity. Indeed, the preparation process is limited, as its consumption gives you the same goodness as a good bowl of milk. Once the water is removed from these products, they lose over 80% of their weight. You can therefore travel with a large stock of food in your backpack for long journeys.
In addition, freeze-dried dairy products have almost the same taste as milk or yoghurt. They are pleasant to eat. You can vary their flavours. To do this, you just need a bag or can of freeze-dried milk with various flavours. To consume them, all you have to do is add hot or cold water, depending on your preference.
One of the major advantages of this type of product is also its nutritional distribution, just like sports nutrition products. In a single bag of freeze-dried milk, you can find protein, vitamins, fat and minerals without a single trace of water. More than 95% of the nutritional value of dairy products is contained in the freeze-dried form. However, it is important to note that these products are quite light in relation to their calorific value.

Is it a good choice for outdoor sports?

Freeze-dried dairy products, in addition to their various nutritional benefits, provide lightness to hikers throughout their activities. This may seem like an excellent choice compared to other transported products. However, the choice of this type of product by hikers or skiers is not only about the weight of the freeze-dried product like for example with freeze-dried fruits or vegetables, or even for meals with fish. The nutrients, taste, pleasure and satiety of the product must also be taken into account.
What remains very practical with this type of product is that you have the possibility of consuming a bag of freeze-dried milk while continuing your hike. Your movements will not be disturbed and the taste will remain pleasant. On top of that, dairy products and other freeze-dried meals are perfect after a day of intense activity. It is obvious that sports such as hiking can give you a huge appetite and a strong desire to consume water.
The well-distributed and dosed quantities of these products are clearly suited to satisfy you. Many people are keen to carry this type of product in their sports bags during intense sporting activities.

How to choose a good freeze-dried dairy product?

If you are a lover of outdoor sports, freeze-dried dairy products like  can become a must have for that moment with nature. However, if you are not used to them, it is important to know how to choose the right product for your body and your consumption habits.
First of all, you should look at the ingredients of your freeze-dried milk product. This will tell you what different products are used in the processing. Also, since the taste does not change, you will know how to adapt your freeze-dried dairy product to a great accompaniment.
Secondly, the choice of your freeze-dried dairy product should be adapted to the type of sports activity you do. This will allow you to know what nutrients you need for a perfect recovery. Don't hesitate to take a look at the different prices, as freeze-dried dairy products can be quite expensive. This is usually due to the expensive freeze-drying process.
For a cost-effective choice, you should also look at the proportions offered, as for an activity such as hiking, you need a product that is sufficient in terms of energy. This allows you to know how much water to keep for your dairy product. This will allow you to adjust the rehydration of the freeze-dried milk product.
However, it is recommended that you do not neglect your food tastes when choosing a freeze-dried dairy product. Think about dairy ingredients that you usually consume.
Freeze-dried dairy products are easy and convenient to prepare. They provide the body of sportsmen and women with proteins, vitamins, but also minerals. These elements are necessary for perfect muscle recovery after physical effort. However, if you are not used to freeze-dried dairy products, be sure to read the recommendations on the packaging.

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