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Our Freeze-dried Meals

Our core business is freeze-dried products, breakfasts, meals, desserts, fruits… where water has been removed from food by sublimation. Sublimation allows food to move from a solid state to a gaseous state without going through the liquid state. These products come from brands across Europe, from United Kingdom, Norway, Poland, Germany, France… We have freeze-dried breakfasts: sweet breakfasts with already milk in the recipe or salty breakfasts with scrambled eggs. We have freeze-dried starters with tabbouleh that can be rehydrated with cold water or soups and noodles to rehydrate with warm water. We have also freeze-dried dishes with meat, poultry, fish or even vegetarian meals. We have a wide range of freeze-dried desserts to complete the energy intake and to bring a sweet touch at the end of your meal.
Freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, plants and smoothies in powder are also offered to bring you essential minerals and vitamins for your body. Food kits for hiking, Marathon in the desert have been created to help you in your choice.
You can choose also your freeze-dried products according to our selections (double-servings…) or even depending on your activity (Hiking, Marathon in the desert, Polar expedition, Sailing…).
To help you in your adventure, we have a list of advice.

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