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Our Freeze-dried Meals

Choose your meals according to your tastes and your activity!

Our core business

At Freezedried & Co, we are a company focused on freeze-dried products: from breakfast to meals, including desserts and fruit... The process of freeze-drying is a very recent method of food preservation. To do this, the water has been removed from the food by sublimation. This allows the water in the food to change from a solid state to a gaseous state without passing through the liquid state. This technique allows the volume, appearance and properties of the treated food to be retained. Food contains approximately 65 to 80% water, which is why freeze-dried products are much lighter.

Why choose freeze-dried foods?

Suitable for all situations, freeze-dried meals have a bright future ahead of them thanks to their many advantages. In fact, in addition to being easy to transport, you only need to rehydrate your meal and wait a few minutes before enjoying it. Also, they contain plenty of good ingredients that will delight your taste buds, and provide all the nutrients your body needs for its proper functioning. You can find a lot of different freeze-dried recipes on our website.

Real, LyoFood, Expedition Food, Tactical Foodpack ... About twenty brands of freeze-dried products

The brands on our website come from all over Europe: France, United Kingdom, Norway, Poland, Germany, ... At Freezedried & Co, we sell freeze-dried breakfasts, sweetened with milk already integrated, or salted with scrambled eggs. We also sell freeze-dried starters with tabbouleh that can be rehydrated with cold water, and soups & noodles that can be rehydrated with hot water. Our shop also offers freeze-dried meat, poultry, fish and even vegetarian dishes. A wide range of freeze-dried desserts will allow you to complete your energy intake and bring a sweet touch at the end of your meal. Freeze-dried fruit, vegetables and smoothies in powder form are also available to provide you with the essential minerals and vitamins your body needs.

For sportsmen and women, sailors or even for outdoor activities, find all our freeze-dried packs

We offer food packs for hiking, desert marathons, and even for your transatlantic race, which have been almost tailor-made to facilitate your choice. Whether you are a sailor, a great sportsman, for your outdoor outings, or even for your daily meals, Freezedried & Co offers on the website as well as in the shop different packs that will suit all your needs. You can also choose your freeze-dried products according to our selections (gluten-free, lactose-free, halal, double portions ...) or even according to your activity (Hiking, Marathon in the desert, Polar Expedition, Sailing ...).
Moreover, we have created a list of tips to help you in your adventure.

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