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Sport nutrition - Before an effort

Nutrition before exercise is very important for your various competitions and training sessions. The last meal before a sporting activity helps to avoid digestive problems, hunger pangs, hypoglycaemia and also helps to conserve your own energy reserves. Before the effort, you can consume Malto, during the 3 days before the competition. Malto helps to increase your energy reserves in order to improve your endurance, resistance and recovery during your Trail, Marathon, Cycling ... Breakfast is also very important before an event. Digestipain or the low-glycemic almond cake will provide you with protein. They prevent you from eating animal proteins in the morning. Spordej is a snack for your training sessions, it is easy to prepare and you can eat it 15 minutes before the effort. Energy cakes are products to be consumed before or between two competitions up to 1 hour before the start of the effort. They are highly digestible and have a high energy value. The waiting drink is to be consumed before the start of your competition during your warm-up phase for example. It meets the needs of an immediate muscular effort.

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