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Breakfasts - Long shelf life

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? You probably know that these sports require you to take with you everything you need to feed yourself. This type of activity also requires you to move lightly to avoid getting tired too quickly. The solutions available to you are therefore freeze-dried meals. More specifically, breakfast is often considered the most important meal of the day. The ones we offer in this section have a long shelf life. The rest of this article will tell you a lot more.

What are long-life breakfasts?

It is important to know that freeze-drying is the only way to ensure that food has a long shelf life. Shelf-stable breakfasts are therefore meals in which the various foods have been freeze-dried. To go further, we will explain what freeze-drying is.
Freeze-drying is a food preservation process that consists of first freezing the food. Then it must be completely dehydrated to remove all its water. The food loses a considerable part of its mass. It is then packed in an airtight container with other foods to form a breakfast.
Many common breakfast foods can be freeze-dried. From fruit to nuts, from chocolate to dairy products, the Freezedried & Co breakfast range is very nutritious. Perfect for a good start to a busy day.
We work with many brands including Emergency Food and Fuel Your Preparation. The breakfasts produced by these brands are perfect for building up food reserves.

Discover all kinds of breakfasts - shelf stable

We offer a wide variety of shelf-stable breakfasts. There is something for every taste and preference. Do you like to start your day on a sweet note? Let yourself be enchanted by our various mueslis, porridge or chocolate puddings. They are a real treat. Are you more of a savoury breakfast person? Enjoy scrambled eggs with cheese or onions.
You'll find breakfasts with :
  • 10-year shelf life, such as pancakes with strawberry jam. This is a canned meal with a 100% recyclable can. This meal offers 242 kcal per 100 g;
  • It has a shelf life of 15 years, like the wholemeal fruit muesli. Not only does it tantalise your taste buds, but it gives you the nutrients you need to get through the day. You'll gain 395 kcal per 100g;
  • lasting for 25 years, like scrambled eggs with cheese. This is a meal in a bag that gives you 522 kcal per 100g.
Whether you are vegetarian or vegan, we have the right breakfast for you. Our offer also takes into account people with allergies (lactose, gluten...). All these meals are practical for outdoor activities, as they do not require any preparation. Simply rehydrate them in hot or cold water and wait about 3 minutes to enjoy them. In addition, they are very light and easy to carry.

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