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Freezedried & Co, a crucible of experience, cooked up by a passionate team and loyal customers!

From the food to the outdoor and survival gear

Each client, whether private or professional, shapes our offering, based on their specific requests and feedback. Based in Lorient since 2010, Lyophilise.fr has acquired a solid expertise from skippers, mountain dwellers and humanitarian workers. A European leader in the distribution of outdoor meals, our logistics and catalogue with more than 2,000 items, adapt to those needs of adventurers who require a certain self-sufficiency in food, but also institutions and professionals who must face crisis situations.

Alan Roura, ambassadeur Lyophilise & co

Alan Roura, Lyophilise & Co ambassador.
Sharing experiences, behind the scenes of preparations for the 12th Volvo Ocean Race

The Freezedried & Co team

It is often called the powerhouse team because ...

La team Lyophilise & Co
  • It is effective,
  • It adapts to every request,
  • It seeks (and finds!) the desired information,
  • It quickly sends products in small quantities, to any private individual in a hurry,
  • It ships very large quantities by express delivery to large companies or organisations whose needs are pressing,
  • It stays close to its customers and suppliers and has an in-depth knowledge of its products. It is in fact renowned for its attentiveness to customers, its mastery of products and dialogue with suppliers about new products and improvements to existing products.


Photo Marie
Photo Nils


Ariane Pehrson

Ariane Pehrson

Since her childhood in Sweden, Ariane can remember being immersed in Nature, when the cold bites during winter and there is no question of staying cooped up at home. With its vast expanses of snow, lakes, forests, each landscape is a playground and sport is a way of life. But against all expectations, she came to be attracted to boating and became a sports trainer in France, specialising in sailing.

At the same time, the world of entrepreneurship had always attracted her: creating a project, being free in her own decisions and organising her activities, without being controlled by them. He training began with the school benches and experience with companies.

Then the big leap, with the creation of a company to import Swedish products ... which was to prove unsuccessful. But what an invaluable lesson! Combining her different experiences and passions, the most French of all Swedes in Lorient, she would take the helm of a vessel called Lyophilise & Co. 

Logo Lyophilise & Co

Home port

The Lorient Offshore Navigation Programme

Locaux Lyophilise & Co

In the heart of the “Brittany Sailing Valley”, the Lorient Offshore Navigation Programme is a hotspot for competitive sailing. The former submarine base, closed since 1992, has turned into a magnet, where renowned skippers, such as Franck Cammas, Samantha Davies, Armel Le Cléach or Jérémie Beyou mingle with the future stars of sailing. This basin brings together design offices, construction sites and companies with expertise in fittings, seamanship, not to mention bunkering. Lyophilise & Co has seen three office moves, but will remain in this core area, where feedback and the requirements of sailors are just as valuable for any mountain dweller before his ascent, as any humanitarian in a difficult-to-reach area.