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Ariane Pehrson creates Saveurs et Logistique – Lyophilise.fr in 2010 when it becomes evident for her, as a sailor’s wife, that the short supply on the French market does not allow Offshore Race sailors to stock up on food as they would like in terms of food variety and quality, unless knocking on all providers’ doors and racking their brains over logistical issues. That’s how it all started.
She sets up her store at the core of the Offshore Race Division based in Lorient (Brittany, France) to be as close as possible to the sailors and be able not only to supply them with food products but also to get their feedback on the products, and constantly strive to get better products, or different ones, with a broader variety, so as to always satisfy them the best she can.
It became quite obvious to create a website and share this wonderful range of products, gathered at one place, with anyone who enjoys eating in so varied circumstances (mountain, trek, trip, exploration, work abroad, emergency situations)…
Because of its light weight, compact size and ease of preservation linked to the freeze-drying process, freeze-dried food translate into weight and volume reduction as well as space optimization; this preservation method is so effective that it retains the savor and nutrition of the food without adding any preservatives.  

The Team

It is sometimes called the ‘Swat’ Team for :
its efficiency
its ability to adapt to any specific requirements
its will to reach for the information that is so far unavailable
its flexibility, be able to ship products in small quantities to a private customer in a hurry
or even ship through priority express a large volume/quantity of products for corporations or organizations with immediate needs
and its proximity to our customers, but also to our products and suppliers, which translates into soliciting feedback and listening to our customers, mastering our product knowledge and exchanging with suppliers on new product development or even for improving existing products.
So it is our pleasure to introduce you to our team :
Aurore Gauter
Elodie Le Bretonnic
Clara Colman
Elise Harné
Sébastien Coché
Corentin Guimard
Lydia Jardel
Ariane Pehrson
Any question about our background, our team or else ? Please feel free to contact us.