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Equipment - To drink

In order to stay properly hydrated with either water, energy drinks or hot beverages while hiking, running, biking, in an emergency situation, or on a daily basis, you need to have the drinking gear that suits your needs. We have selected solid compact cups and mugs for you that are especially designed for outdoor activities and wild camping. You can also choose soft or rigid flasks to drink your water or your energy drink or gel during your running and trail sessions or even during a simple hike trip. Hydration bags are also available ; they help you carry a large amount of water in your backpack easily and, what's more, you can drink straight from the bag during exercise. For daily use, while sailing or fishing, in car trips or on a construction site, choose among our high-quality insulated bottles, flasks and cups from the Thermos or Stanley range, they will keep your beverage hot or cold during hours. This drinking Gear is suitable not only for outdoors professionals but also for everyday life and work or for one-day fishing or hunting activities. If you want to carry or store potable water, then Jerrycans and Water bags are ideal accessories in emergency or survival situations, or when you set up camp on expedition trips.

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