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Hot drinks to rehydrate

Among the essential items to include in your kit for hiking or other outdoor activities, hot drinks should be included. They are important and also have an impact on your performance. In this article, we will particularly focus on freeze-dried hot drinks and their advantages.

Freeze-dried hot drink: what is it?

A freeze-dried hot drink is a beverage whose ingredients have been frozen and then completely dehydrated. This reduces their weight by more than 80%, which is a great advantage for outdoor enthusiasts. These freeze-dried ingredients are then packaged in containers where they can be stored for many years.
Not all foods can be freeze-dried. However, among the long list of freeze-dryable foods, we have coffee and tea. These are the freeze-dried hot drinks that we offer on our site.

The advantages of freeze-dried hot drinks for outdoor activity enthusiasts

As mentioned above, we offer freeze-dried coffee and tea. It should be noted that these drinks are beneficial for you as an athlete. For example, green tea will be useful for the recovery phase after your effort, in addition to other specialized products for pre-exercise nutrition, during exercise, and post-exercise nutrition. It is also rich in antioxidants. Note that these are harmful to the regular functioning of your body and your metabolism.
Additionally, since tea contains caffeine, it will significantly improve your performance.
Coffee is also a good source of antioxidants. It is also known for its stimulating effect. A study suggests that drinking coffee 30 minutes before moderate exercise can increase the amount of fat burned by your body, regardless of the time of day.
Freeze-dried coffee and tea are dehydrated and packaged in compact and lightweight containers that can be easily carried in a backpack. Indeed, when all the water in a food is lost, it loses more than 80% of its initial weight.
A major advantage that no hiker overlooks. Moreover, they are easy to prepare, as you just need to add hot water and stir.

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