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Explore our range of headlamps, designed to meet your most demanding needs, whether it's trekking, camping, or mountaineering.

What are the advantages of using a headlamp for hiking?

A powerful headlamp allows you to keep your hands free while lighting your path. With high-quality headlamps like those from the Petzl brand, offering up to 1100 lumens, you can confidently navigate the steepest trails even in complete darkness. Thanks to their ergonomic and lightweight design, these headlamps quickly become forgettable on your forehead, allowing you to fully focus on your trekking. Thus, you won't need to wait for the sun to rise to start your hike.

How to choose the right headlamp?

Choosing the perfect headlamp may seem complicated with so many options available. In reality, it's simpler than you think. When choosing your headlamp, consider battery life, lumens power, and the various lighting modes available (night mode, flashing, etc.). To delve deeper, we've written a guide on how to choose the right headlamp.

Additional accessories for trekking adventures

To extend the battery life of your headlamp during your outdoor adventures, consider equipping yourself with a few essential accessories. Always keep spare batteries on hand to avoid any interruptions in your lighting. If you opt for a rechargeable headlamp, consider bringing a spare battery for a quick backup solution. Additionally, a power bank can be extremely useful for recharging your electronic devices, including your headlamp, during long expeditions. And for those who enjoy adventures in complete autonomy, a portable solar panel allows you to recharge your equipment using just the power of the sun.

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