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Ready-made meals

Complete dishes : this is a delicious meat (fish, beef, pork, poultry) with starchy food and/or vegetables. Top!

Vegetarian people can also find happiness with our selection without meat.

Taste : our chiefs from the South-West, the Finistère and Angers in France sterilize these delicious meals as our grandmothers used to do it with jars. This preservation method with heat-sterilizing preserves the taste of stewed recipes.

Wide choice of recipes : bœuf bourguignon, pork stir fry with pineapple, blanquette of salmon and potatoes, duck and cep, chicken curry and vegetables... Find also our set of ready-made meals.

Easy to heat, eco-pouch : these meals are in individual vacuum pouches. You can prepare them in a bain-marie, or pour the contents into a microwave-safe dish or directly in a pan.

Long preservation : until three years for some references ! You will always have a delicious meal at hand when you won't have the time to cook.

To complete our range of ready-made meals, meats in sauce, side dish recipes cooked by our chiefs, breakfasts and desserts are also available.

Enjoy your meal !

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