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Survival equipment

In survival or emergency situations, you need to have high-quality survival gear handy that will help you make a shelter for first-aid, light a fire, fish for food and signal for help. We provide survival gear either by unit or in kits. Survival kits come in compact boxes and they contain key tools to survive in the wilderness or even indoors. They also include fishing kits to catch food in a survival situation if you happen to be in the middle of the woods or in the mountains. In an emergency situation, you need to be able to treat any wound or injury with first-aid gear, but you also need a shelter to protect yourself from cold or rain and not suffer from hypothermia for example. You need to know how to start a fire in a survival situation in order to warm yourself up, drive out predator animals, boil water for drinking, cooking and eating purposes. That's why we offer the right emergency kit that will make your life easier; it includes fire starters, Firesteel type fire stone, all types of fuel, wood with 80% resin content. Once you are totally self-sufficient, you also can signal for help to guide rescuers directly to you by using our signal mirrors, lights and whistles.

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