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Sport Nutrition | Before, During and After an effort

Good nutrition is essential during your physical and sporting activities. The articles presented in this section will provide you with the nutrients and energy you need before, during and after exercise. Here you will find all our food and drink products to consume before exercise to prepare for competitions such as trail running, marathons, triathlons, etc. These products will provide you with low GI (glycemic index) carbohydrates. During the effort, we have a wide range of solid products, with energy bars and liquid meals for long duration efforts. We also have energy gels and sports drinks to give you the elements you need or lose when you sweat during your run or training. After the effort, our recovery snacks and drinks will provide you with carbohydrates, minerals and proteins to help you recover after a long and intense effort, you will find drinks, protein bars, dried meat ...
We have also grouped together all our bars, whether they are energy bars, protein bars, cereal bars, dried fruit bars or long-life bars. Choose our energy gels or fruit pulps to give you a boost during your outdoor outings, training sessions or competitions. A wide range of organic dried fruit and freeze-dried fruit is available to provide you with an important source of energy. The dried meat will bring you proteins, it is ideal to break the saturation of the sweet, for the recovery but also as an aperitif. You will find Beef Jerky, an American recipe, but also Biltong, a South African recipe. Don't forget your drinks either, whether they are energy drinks, electrolyte drinks, smoothies or protein drinks, to give you the elements you need to make progress during your outdoor outings but also to treat yourself.

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