"Freezedried & Co allows you to eat well in all situations with a selection of high quality and long conservation meals from all over the world!"

Ariane PEHRSON, creator & president of Freezedried & Co
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How can you eat well for any occasion?

Welcome to Freeze-dried & Co,  your survival equipment, outdoor food, and gear specialist. We have more than 1500 products that can be delivered all over the world, adapted for both professional and private needs. 

Sports and Outdoor activities

The largest range of products in Europe for freeze-dried and sterilized meals, sports nutrition ( beef jerky, energy bars...), hiking, running, mountaineering, travelling, kayaking, bushcraft, and many other outdoor enthusiasts. All in one pack that can be customized to your needs are available as well as gear ( stoves, water filters or bottles...) for your treks, long-distance train running or sailing races. Our products fit the needs of professional athletes or amateurs for any type of physical activity. 

Critical situations or isolated areas

Everything to be autonomous with food: military rations and MRE, self-heating meals, meals for long-term storage (up to 25-year shelf life), survival gear and kits for individuals, companies, NGO or state organizations. Free tailored proposals upon request. 

We help you make the right choice!

With the tool "My weekly menu plans" you get a suggestion of meals based on the number of days and people taking part in your project. "My nutritional needs" helps you define the number of calories, fat, carbohydrates and proteins you need. Plus, you get a full nutritional analysis of your shopping basket once you have finished. Tight budget? We have a crowdfunding tool allowing you to make a list of your meals for your next adventures and have others pay for it.