"Lyophilise & Co allows you to eat well in all situations with a selection of high quality and long conservation meals from all over the world!"

Ariane PEHRSON, creator & president of Lyophilise & Co
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How to eat tasty meals anytime anywhere?

Welcome to Lyophilise & Co and choose a diet adapted to your activity.

Sports and Outdoor activities

Freeze-dried meals, sweet/salty snacks, energy drinks, dietary supplements are offered to sailing, hiking, trail running, trekking, mountaineering and travelling enthusiasts. Freeze-dried food answers to the need of amateur or professional sportsmen for a moderate or intense activity.

At work, at home

For your lunch or dinner, your taste buds will be delighted with our ready-made meals! Our caterers have concocted appetizing recipes (without additive and preservative). Sterilised as our granny’s jars, the vacuum bags are quick to heat at work or even at home.

Extreme situation or area of restricted access

Professional and private individual, find equipment (water filters, stoves), self-heating meals, staple food (conservation until 25 years for some products), military rations, survival kits and other things in our section.

Food self-sufficiency

Useful tools to choose among the 800 items in our website! My nutritional needs: list of calories, lipids, carbohydrates, proteins required on a daily basis according to your profile. My weekly menu plans: suggestion of items from what you want, your budget, the period, the number of people. The participatory basket, our crowdfunding tool: to fund your meals for a project.