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Professional solutions

Crisis Emergency


Who are we?

Our company is a leading food kit supplier in France and in Europe for crisis prevention (natural disasters, technological risks, territorial hazards, etc).

Our references

We supply many professional customers in France and abroad:
  • Ministries of Defense, Interior, Foreign Affairs, Swiss Police
  • Large private companies: EDF, Orano, IRSN, Crédit Agricole, etc.
  • European Union delegations, Foreign embassies
  • NGOs: First Aid Without Borders, Doctors Without Borders, French Red Cross
  • Town halls and Schools for PPMS plans (specific security plan)
  • SDIS in France or Swiss Fire and Rescue Service
  • Scientific research centers and Pharmaceutical Laboratory
  • Transport: Motorway Companies (SANEF), Airports, Customs Services

Deliveries in the world

We deliver to different parts of the world (Europe, Africa, Asia) either directly via our/your transporters or forwarders.
We are also in contact with the Diplomatic Pouch Service in Brussels should you belong to a Delegation or an Embassy. 


Food supply solutions in the event of emergency/crisis


Freeze-dried meals (between 3 and 25-year shelf life

Preparation requires a certain amount of water
  • Light weight, easy to carry
  • Easy to store (no refrigeration is needed, keep them in a dry place at air temperature).
  • Up to 8-year shelf life for pouch, 25-year shelf life in tin
  • Packaged in sachet, possibility to eat directly in the pouch
  • Rehydration with boiling water (or cold water depending on the brand)
  • A wide choice of recipes according to your own criteria : shelf life, special diet (vegetarian, gluten/ lactose free, pork free), desired quantities.

For general information, cans are ideal for creating or adding to a food stockpile for emergency planning for a group of people. There are staple food available in cans (powder eggs, butter, milk or beef/ chicken, vegetables, starches).



Self-heating meals (between 1 and 3-year shelf life)

  • Convenient pouches, no gas/ fire, boiling water or stove to eat warm meals
  • ideal in an emergency situation.
  • A wide choice of recipes (meat, fish, vegetarien)
  • Some recipes can even be consumed cold
  • Heavier than a freeze-dried meal, but no need to carry extra water for rehydratation cause it's a ready-to-eat meal


Self-heating meals are sterilized meals that include a flameless heating element. To heat the meal, just insert the unopened meal pouch inside the flameless heater and add 50-60 ml of water (or any other liquid). Then, close the heater bag and lay it flat. A reaction occurs and after 8-10 minutes, you can enjoy a hot meal.




Shelf stable biscuits - (3 to 20 years)

  •  Long shelf life and avoid important stock rotation
  •  Compact and convenient portions
  •  Different flavours available (savoury or sweet)
  • High energy and carbohydrate content


In addition to biscuits, you can also store drinking water in bags or barrels. It is strongly recommended that you include them in the PPMS or PCS of your town. Like biscuits, water has a shelf life between 5 and 10 years, unlike a conventional water bottle which has a shelf life of 2 years.



Military rations, MRE: 24h combat rations, 12h or 24h MRE ration packs

24HR COMBAT RATIONS  come with one unit of breakfast meal, lunch meal and dinner meal and include food complements (crackers, beverage mixes). These rations include a heating system with solid fuel. They are individually packaged.

2-year shelf life from manufacturing date

Nutritional value : 3,000 Kcal with different menus (Halal, Vegetarian, or Classic)

12HR or 24HR MRE RATIONS come in bags. They include self-heating meals and food complements (chocolate bar, fruit paste, isotonic drinks, etc). They allow you to be completely self-sufficient, because you need no fire/gas/or stove.

2-year shelf life from manufacturing date

Nutritional value : 1,000 Kcal for the 12hr ration pack or 2,000 Kcal for the 24hr ration pack



Food rations upon request

Our team, backed by a strong experience, is at your disposal to help you with any query and adapts to your needs.

  • Study and meet your specifications, invitation to tender
  • Prepare a tailor-made offer according to your needs (number of days, number of people, desired lifespan, caloric intake required, etc.).
  • Offer a packaging in a daily sachet
  • Sourcing in search of the product adapted to your criteria
  • Deliver according to your requirements.

To respond to all your inquiries, please contact us at team@lyophilise.com or call us at +33 (0)2 97 87 23 73.