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The importance of hydration is no longer in question. Especially when you are involved in an outdoor activity such as hiking. At Lyophilise & Co, we have opted for drinking water in sachets which is very easy to store. Indeed, as we all know, water is essential not only for hydration, but also for rehydrating freeze-dried meals before eating them. This article provides a brief overview of the importance of drinking water.

Drinking water - shelf life: what is it?

By definition, drinking water is water that can be drunk and used for domestic and commercial purposes without danger to health. It has been previously treated and can be distributed as tap water or bottled water (sparkling or spring water, distilled or carbonated water).
This is because it is water that can be stored for many years, even a decade. This water has undergone several different levels of filtration before being packaged. You will find water in bags such as the FDF TEK brand, which contains 24 portions of 125 ml, i.e. a total of 3 litres of water. You will also find the Seven Oceans brand which contains 2 sachets each containing 5 x 50 ml portions of water, i.e. a total of 500 ml of water.
It is important to note that the water in the sachet can be kept for about 5 years. This is because the packaging consists of several layers of aluminium, minimising its weight and making it very simple and easy to store. This also makes it easy to store the water for an almost unlimited period of time, even under unfavourable conditions. The bags are strong and resistant to heat, cold, etc.
You can also find water in barrels that can be stored for 10 years. This is a product of the brand Emergency Food by Convar. The barrel is also ultra-strong and resistant to all types of weather and impacts. It is waterproof and light, which is very favourable for transporting it.
All these drinking waters will be your best allies for outdoor and even domestic use. This is a change from the bottled water you see everywhere in the shops, which can only be stored for two years.

Benefits of drinking water - long shelf life for outdoor enthusiasts

To begin with, hyperthermia (rapid increase in body temperature) can occur if the water supply is depleted for a period of time. This can be very dangerous, as it can make you feel unwell. It is therefore essential to keep yourself hydrated during your activity.
The need for hydration can vary with the temperature, the terrain and the basic level of hydration, which differs from one hiker to another. Some hikers need to drink more water than others. It is also important to note that summer is a season when hiking is much harsher. This causes the basic hydration level of any hiker to drop, increasing the need for hydration. It is therefore strongly recommended to drink without limiting yourself. Dehydration is very harmful to the body, especially when you are exposed to the hot sun. We therefore advise you to hydrate regularly in small sips. If you are going on a family hike, it is advisable to keep an eye on the children so that they can drink enough water and not become dehydrated.
Drinking water with a long shelf life is the best way to do this. You have several litres of water on hand to keep you hydrated. So you should not only consider the water you need to drink, but also the water you use for cooking and hygiene. This is very important during an outdoor activity. As you will inevitably be carrying freeze-dried food with you, this water will be used to rehydrate it.
Another advantage of this water is that it is light and therefore easy to carry. You can easily carry a large supply with you without it weighing down your backpack. If you are worried that the water bags will leak into your bag and get your belongings wet, we would like to point out that these packs are strong and waterproof.
Also, the water is already filtered. So you don't need to carry around water filters that can quickly become cumbersome.

Common benefits of drinking water - long shelf life

If you are a self-reliant person, drinking water - long life will serve you well. You can easily store it at home. Also, finding out that there is no water at home is a very scary situation.

Storing water at home is essential for survival in the event of a major crisis or disaster. In the event of a lockdown, for example, where it is impossible to go out every day for shopping, it is better to have a large storage of water. Also, there may be times when tap water is cut off and this can be very inconvenient.

Since this water can be stored for 5 or 10 years, you have plenty of time to finish it off and make another supply. This water can be used for drinking, cooking, etc. The 5 litre water barrel can be used for showering, washing clothes or any other task that requires the use of water.

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