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Freeze-dried staple food - Long shelf life

The biggest challenge for outdoor enthusiasts is nutrition. In fact, they must necessarily take the appropriate precautions, while avoiding compromising their health. Thus, the food they choose must provide their organisms with a sufficient amount of energy. Basic survival foods are the best way to fill up on energy during an expedition. These foods have multiple benefits for everyone, whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or not. Would you like to buy some? On our website LYOPHILISE & CO, you can discover several varieties of staple foods, for better expeditions and experiences.


Survival staples


By "basic food" we mean "unprocessed food". These include breads, dairy products, eggs, meats, vegetables and many others. In other words, these are foods that make up a complete meal. It is called survival food because it is the ideal solution for an outdoor expedition. In the event of a natural disaster that could lead to an emergency situation, shippers can always feed and hydrate themselves without any problems.

For a food to meet the rules of survival, it would have to be freeze-dried. Logically, a freeze-dried food is a food that has undergone freeze-drying.

Freeze-drying is a method of preserving food that has proven to be very effective. It consists of freezing the food beforehand and then dehydrating it to remove all the water that it contains. It is considered a revolution, as it is the only food preservation process that allows the food to be preserved for several decades. Also, the food is preserved and free of mould. It preserves its natural flavours and nutritional values, which is all that a shipper needs.

It should be noted that the food loses its weight and shape when dehydrated. However, there is no need to panic, because once rehydrated (with hot or cold water), the food will return to its original shape and smell.

This technology gives the best results in food preservation (especially snacks).


What types of food can we freeze-dry?


If we consider the principle of freeze-drying, we can deduce that the more water a food contains, the more promising its preservation by this process is. Water is therefore the main factor in ensuring perfect freeze-drying. Therefore, all foods can be freeze-dried, except those that are too sweet, too salty or too fatty. Examples are honey and oil, which do not contain water and therefore cannot be freeze-dried.

Foods that frequently undergo this process are (slightly sweetened) fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, coffee, cheese, etc.

We offer a wide range of freeze-dried products to enrich your culture and to offer you new experiences. We have something for every taste and at a price that suits your wallet. Here are some of the freeze-dried foods we offer.


Meat and eggs


In this range you will find canned meat and powdered eggs. The latter can be rehydrated and are perfect for making breakfasts or pastries. Meat is the perfect ingredient for savoury meals. These two nutrients promise you a high fat and protein intake. This is what your body needs to ensure that it can get through the day.

We offer you Fuel Your Preparation chicken cubes. This is a 24-serving box that can be stored for 25 years. It offers 491 kcals per 100 g. You can also try the 24-serving Cooked Minced Beef.


Starchy foods and vegetables


These are freeze-dried purees, carrots, cereals, peas in sachets or canned. Foods in sachets can be stored for up to 5 years. Foods in tins, on the other hand, can be stored for 15 to 25 years. It should be noted that the shelf life also varies between brands.

Vegetables and starches are perfect for replenishing your vitamins. To consume these products and fill up on energy, simply rehydrate them by adding hot or cold water. You can then enjoy delicious vegetable soups.


Dairy products

Packaged in sachets and tins, these freeze-dried products are food staples. These include butter powder, milk and grated parmesan. As you may have guessed, their preparation is very easy. Simply rehydrate them in hot or cold water and they are ready to eat.

This type of food is very light and easy to handle. Butter powders and milk can be stored for 10 to 15 years. Grated Parmesan cheese can only be stored for 2 years. However, you can sprinkle it on to make a perfect addition to your snacks.


Breads and biscuits


These are staple foods, packed in vacuum tins, that you can store for 15 years. In this range, you will find wholemeal breads, rye breads, sesame bars with honey, cakes... These foods do not rehydrate or heat up. They are prepared for direct consumption.


Advantages of basic survival foods for athletes


Outdoor activities require enough energy from the participants. In order to ensure full energy, food is needed. The longer the expedition lasts, the more food reserves will be needed. Freeze-dried meals are therefore an option that will benefit you on several levels.

This type of food weighs almost nothing and can be easily stored in the travel bag. It also has a very long shelf life, depending on the date of manufacture. Just make sure to keep the package tightly closed.

The nutritional value of the product is preserved and even improved. Your expedition requires food that provides you with protein to fight muscle fatigue. Since freeze-drying causes little damage to the food, its nutritional value is preserved.

In addition, all these foods are designed to keep you self-sufficient, especially in case of emergency. The boxes contain several portions that will keep you and your group/family safe from hunger.

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