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Freeze-dried staple foods

For outdoor enthusiasts, the biggest challenge is food. The most important challenge for outdoor enthusiasts is to prepare the right food for their needs, without compromising their health. The food selected must provide the body with enough energy. To solve this problem, what better way than with freeze-dried staple foods. These foods have several advantages for everyone. If you want to buy them, on LYOPHILISE & CO we have different varieties available for you, for a better ride or good experience.

Freeze-dried staple foods

The issue of food preservation has long been subject to many challenges. Given the role of food in human life this is understandable. Recently, we have been able to get our hands on a most useful and effective solution. Freeze-drying is a process of preserving food products by dehydrating them while preserving their taste. In detail, the food is frozen and then completely dried to remove the water. Then you only need to add water to the food to make it come back to life. This technology offers the best results in preserving food products (especially snacks), and preserves a good level of nutrients in the food.

Which foods can be freeze-dried?

Referring to the principle of freeze-drying, the more water a food contains, the more promising its preservation by this technology is. Water is the main factor that promotes freeze-drying. Therefore, apart from products that are too sweet, salty or oily, such as honey, all foods can be freeze-dried. Foods that are often subject to this process include: fruits (slightly sweetened), vegetables, meat, cheese, hot drinks. To enrich your culture and provide you with a new experience, we offer a wide range of freeze-dried products in our shop window. We have something for every taste and at prices to suit your wallet.

Meat and starches

For meat lovers, we have freeze-dried beef and chicken cubes available in cans. They are rich in protein with a lipid value of 45.4g to 57.2g for an energy intake of 1456.6Kj to 1249Kj for each product. We also have freeze-dried rice rich in carbohydrates (826g) and protein (87g). These values are not standard, but are relative to your choice of meat and starch.

Fruit and vegetables

To replenish your vitamins, we have a range of freeze-dried fruit and vegetables. There is a wide range of fruit and vegetable powder. To consume the powdered fruit, simply add warm or fresh water as you wish. The process is the same for vegetables, depending on whether you want to make a vegetable soup or a decoction. The freeze-drying process reduces the sugar content of the fruit, which eliminates the excess sugar when rehydrated for consumption. This does not affect the taste. Products include: organic coconut, strawberry, organic beetroot, banana, apple... We also have freeze-dried diced strawberries, freeze-dried whole raspberries in packages and tins. As for vegetables, we offer powdered vegetables, but also whole vegetables to diversify the choices. Among the powdered vegetables we have: organic spinach, kale, various vegetable mixes, etc. In addition to these, you have carrot granules, roasted pepper mixes, peas, jalapeno pepper, and many others.

Advantages for sportsmen and women (hikers, skippers, ...)

Hiking and other similar activities require preparation and energy. The longer the activity takes to complete, the more food is needed. Freeze-dried food is an option that will save you space in your bag. Freeze-dried food weighs almost nothing. It is easy to transport and can be stored for a long time as long as the packaging is not opened. The nutritional values of the products are preserved and even improved. For your sport, you need much more protein to fight against muscle fatigue. Freeze-drying causes very little damage to the food and retains the nutritional values (especially those of essential nutrients). Fats that are harmful to the body are of course removed.

An everyday advantage

In everyday life, it can be used to reduce our consumption of high-fat foods. For example, you can have freeze-dried coffee for breakfast. It has a considerable energy content to boost your day. As an alternative to pastries, which are full of excess sugar, you can choose Beef Jerky (dried meats).

Time saved

Cooking takes time. Even making a quick snack can take more than 5 minutes. But freeze-dried snacks are extremely quick and easy to prepare. Plus, you have the instructions and composition options to know how to prepare them and have an idea of what you're getting.

Shelf life

Even when stored in the fridge, many foods lose their nutritional value after a certain period of time. Others lose their flavour and slowly become inedible. For the toughest meals, they can barely last a week. Since the purpose of freeze-drying is preservation, freeze-dried meals hold up best. When perfectly preserved, they can last up to 15 or even 25 years. In comparison, frozen products can only be kept for 2 years, although after these two years the nutritional values are no longer really useful for the body. Some even become harmful to our bodies.

Ease of transport

A food that is freeze-dried can lose up to 80% of its weight, or even more. Being packaged products, they are easy to transport and therefore take up less space. In a school bag, you can have as much freeze-dried food for at least 4 days of hiking.
All in all, freeze-dried food is not necessarily a complete meal. However, they are a quick source of essential nutrients. Also, they make it easy to break the fast while waiting for a good meal.

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