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Self-sufficiency and Dietary Stock - For Emergency situations

<strong>To be in food self-sufficiency</strong> whether you are at home or elsewhere in case of unexpected events is important, however you have to be prepared. We have grouped a range of products together to allow you to be in self-sufficiency for a specified period.</p>You will find <a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-432-self-heating-meals.aspx">self-heating meals</a>, whether it a meal, a drink or a set of dishes. These products are equiped with a system to eat or drink warm without stove.</br><a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-470-stock-shelf-life.aspx">Complete meals which can be preserved 5 to 25 years</a> are offered and also <a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-1309-stock-type.aspx">staple foods</a> to be able to prepare you a dietary stock to not have a considerable rolling stock. There is also <a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-489-drinkable-water.aspx">drinkable water</a> in pouch which can be preserved 5 years after production.</p><a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-484-rations.aspx">Military ration, EDV, MRE or survival packs</a> allow to be also in a complete food self-sufficiency, just as well as <a href="https://www.freezedriedandco.com/CT-473-compact-rations.aspx">compact rations</a>, with a very interesting calorie intake with respect to the weight and volume of products.

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