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Best Ultralight Gear

For adventurers looking to minimise their load without compromising on quality and performance, check out our ‘Best Ultralight Gear’ category. Designed especially for those who prioritise lightness and efficiency during their excursions, this selection brings together the best ultralight equipment on the market.
In the ‘Best Ultralight Gear’ selection, each item has been chosen for its ability to combine low weight with durability. Whether you're a long-distance hiker looking to cut down on effort or a bikepacker looking to optimise your load, you'll find everything you need here: a tent that blends into your pack, an extremely compact sleeping bag, an ultralight mattress and accessories that weigh next to nothing but still meet your needs, including a water filter, headlamp, external battery and trekking poles.
Experience a more enjoyable adventure with less weight to carry. Our ultralight gear is selected to give you freedom of movement and performance.

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