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2024 Best Outdoor Gear

Preparing for an outdoor adventure can be as exciting as it is complex. That's why we've created the ‘2024 Best Outdoor Gear’ selection, a collection exclusively dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts who want to equip themselves with the best equipment available without spending hours comparing options.
This unique selection includes the best product in each category: a tent that combines lightness and strength, a warm and comfortable sleeping bag, a mattress and pillow for a well-deserved rest, and a rucksack that combines ergonomics with storage capacity. We've also selected the best hiking poles, a reliable water filter, a durable water bottle, a powerful external battery, an efficient stove, a practical cooking set and a long-handled spoon for digging deep into your freeze-dried meals.
Each product in this selection has been tested and approved by the outdoor community. They're perfect for hiking, bivouacking, bushcraft and bikepacking. Simplify your preparation so you can concentrate on what's important: living your next adventure to the full.
Explore, select and set off on your adventure with the guarantee of having the best possible equipment at your side!

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