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Jetboil Flash 1L gas cooking system

Reference : JET-10-01-00

The Flash stove made by ´JetBoil´, featuring a 1L capacity, allows you to boil water for your freeze-dried meal or coffee in a very short time. You can also double boil your pre-cooked meals in it.

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Jetboil Flash is the perfect accessory during your outdoor activities: hiking, bivouac, camping or mountaineering. This innovative system combines a burner and a cooking vessel. With a capacity of 1 L, this container can be used as a cup or a cooking pot with its handle. Jetboil Flash has been designed for the outdoors! The burner protects the igniter in order to avoid possible shocks that could make your hiking stove faulty. This makes the Jetboil Flash a more durable stove.

This gas stove is both light and sturdy. Two qualities sought after by all those who practice outdoor activities. With Jetboil Flash, you can cook outdoors. The 1 L cup attaches to the burner and a tripod supplied with the kit attaches to the gas canister. This ensures perfect stability, even on steep terrain.

Once your Jetboil Flash stove is stable, you can start cooking. All you need to do is press a button. In two minutes, you will have water hot enough for coffee or a good hot chocolate. But if not, you can also cook in the cooking pot provided for this purpose. A heat indicator changes colour depending on the temperature of the contents. This lets you know when your preparation is hot. In addition, the FluxRing system allows you to cook faster while consuming half the fuel.

When your meal is ready, you can grab the casserole dish by hand with the small handle. A removable insulating casing prevents burns against the wall of the container. You can then enjoy your meal or drink your hot drink.

The Jetboil Flash 1L carbon-coloured mug warmer:

- A cup that fits with the stove

- A stainless steel burner that lights with a button

- Tripod for more stability

Note: the gas cylinder is not included in the kit.

Weight (g) 397
Materials Anodised aluminium burner
Additional information Burner adjustment. Piezo ignition. Compatible with all Jetboil accessories. Protective base incorporating graduations.
Size in cm (L x W x H) 10.4 x 10.4 x 18
Included accessories Tripod, Removable insulating casing, Pierced stopper that can be used as a flask, incorporating a heating indicator.
Autonomy Possibility of boiling 12 litres of water with a 100g cartridge. Approx. 40 minutes
Container (ml) 1L
Technology Flux Ring Optimiser (heat distributor), heats the surface quickly, distributing heat more evenly.
Fuel Gas cartridge with threaded valve for Stove with screw system, Standard EN 417.
Boiling time 3 mins 20 secs per 1L