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Basque-style Chicken and VegetablesBasque-style Chicken and Vegetables
  • Basque-style Chicken and Vegetables
  • Basque-style Chicken and Vegetables
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Basque-style Chicken and Vegetables

Ref : SA-04-06
The Basque-style chicken is a ready-maoy at home or at work. This is a small serving to heat in a bain-marie or to pour the contents in your pan or a dish adapted to the microwave. Handmade recipe "Made in Angers" with our chief La Cuisine Plaisir.
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This recipe of "Poulet Basquaise" comes from the French Basque Country. Seasoned with a touch of Espelette pepper, chicken meat is only boneless and skinless chicken thigh meat, cooked with tomato sauce, red and green sweet peppers, onions, garlic, thyme and bay. Ready-made meal in a pouch of 350 g that can be preserved until 3 years after production. You can bring it with you during your activities or store it in your cupboard or in your desk drawer because you can keep it in a cool and dry place, no need of fridge.  

- Handmade basque-style chicken cooked in Angers, in France
- This 100% natural recipe is free from additives and preservatives
- Can be heat easily in a pan or microwaves. You can also put the pouch in a boiling water a few minutes
Ingredients Chicken meat (60% boneless /skinless , from Spain) , tomato sauce, red /green peppers, onions, garlic, salt, pepper, thyme, bay
Advice Keep the bag in a room temperature in a dry area.
How to prepare > In a bain-marie, you can put directly the bag in the boiling water, during 10 minutes
> In the microwaves, you can pour the contents into a plate adapted to the microwaves and heat it 3 minutes
> In a pot or pan, pour the contents of the bag directly into this type of ustensil
Net weight (g) 350
Gross weight (g) 350
Number of serves 1
Volume of water to add (ml) 0
Rehydrated weight (g) 350
Preparation time 5-6 min
Shelf life (from manufacturing date) 3 years
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