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Vegan freeze-dried dishes

Are you a fan of vegan foods? Do you find it difficult to maintain your diet during your outdoor adventures? Do you need references for vegan freeze-dried meals? It’s not always easy to stick to a purely vegan diet. Fortunately, we are here to help you. Refer to the content of this article to discover more about vegan freeze-dried meals.

Vegan Freeze-Dried Meals: What’s That?

The freeze-dried meals have become a trend within the hiking or outdoor activity community. The foods undergo a long, unusual process where they are frozen and then dried to be preserved for the long term. In fact, all foods containing water can be freeze-dried, even ice cream. If ice cream can be freeze-dried, then why not vegan foods?
Indeed, even though it is thought that once dried, some plant-based foods lose their flavor, the result with freeze-drying is quite different. Thus, vegans can have freeze-dried food for their activities.

Vegan Freeze-Dried Meals: Good or Bad?

Basically, vegan food is often difficult for some people to use. This difficulty is due to the fact that vegan dishes do not contain dairy products or eggs and no animal components. However, despite the absence of these types of products, vegan dishes are often complete. Sometimes, they even offer the body a much more balanced nutritional intake. Can you have nutrition without meat? It’s possible.

Vegan dishes are often underrated. Yet it is a diet that can be relied upon. Indeed, vegan products are composed of all foods as long as they are plant-based. A pasta dish made with mushrooms as a side dish will have nothing to envy to a dish of the same type made with meat. The same goes for freeze-dried ones. Moreover, they allow you to have a fat-free diet.

Vegan Freeze-Dried Meals: Content

For vegans engaging in outdoor activities like hiking or mountaineering, eating can sometimes seem difficult. It’s not always easy to choose and carry the necessary items to make a survival meal. However, with all the experience we have, we offer you foods to make your daily meal. We have:

For Breakfast

Being the first meal of the day, you should take a light but energy-rich food. For your pleasure, we offer:
It’s a 123 g package, produced by TentMeals, a brand from the United Kingdom, which can be easily slipped into your pocket. It provides an energy value of nearly 500 Kcal. It is also available in a larger version of 800 Kcal. A real treat ready in less than 10 minutes in the morning. It contains cashews, berries, but also oat flakes.
Packaged for a total weight of 116 g, it is a dish made from a mixture of oats, coconut milk, cinnamon, nuts, etc. It is produced in the United Kingdom by TentMeals. It provides you with nearly 500 Kcal, once taken upon waking. The large version is also available for an intake of about 500 Kcal.

For Lunch

In the “lunch” category, we have products rich in proteins and dietary fibers. By consulting the list, you will see, you will be spoiled for choice. However, we give you an overview of what our gallery of vegan freeze-dried foods contains.
  • Five Bean Cassoulet – Double Portion: a product from the famous English brand SUMMIT TO EAT, lactose-free and gluten-free – 1000Kcal;
  • Vegan Chili: like chili con carne, the beef is substituted here with soy. It provides a significant intake of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. It’s a complete meal with an energy value of about 315 Kcal. This treat is produced by the French brand VOYAGER.
So make your choices and enjoy.

For Dessert

For desserts, the choice is vast. You have at your disposal freeze-dried fruits, but also vegetables. You can see:
We also have the Green Smoothie – Detox

Vegan Freeze-Dried Meals: Benefits for Hikers, Outdoor Enthusiasts, etc.

Vegan dishes are known to contain as little fat as possible. When you take a vegan freeze-dried food, the fat content is almost zero. This makes it an essential food for the body. Moreover, vegan freeze-dried meals are rich in fibers and proteins. In general, they have a good nutritional constitution. The body of the person who consumes them is subjected to less gluten and fat.

This advantage brings out a new one. Indeed, the less the body is subject to these elements that do not do it much good, the better it will be. Freeze-dried vegan food preserves the health of those who pay attention to it. Eating vegan is also eating healthy, if we can say so.

To continue listing the advantages, another one is related to the cost of acquiring the foodstuffs. With less meat, it’s a few coins saved. Most vegan freeze-dried meals are indeed quite affordable to buy.

These types of foods are mostly light and easy to carry. Very essential when you have to travel long distances or go on an adventure. You will always have a small corner of your bag ready to accommodate this snack, no matter how full it is. The packaging is designed not to weigh much and to be resistant.

Freeze-drying packaging is airtight and resistant to certain temperatures. They are designed to contain the products for years without altering their flavor or texture. Thanks to this, your food is unlikely to let you down in the middle of an adventure.

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