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Organic freeze-dried dishes

Are you a hiking enthusiast? For one reason or another, have you probably opted for a purely organic diet? There are organic freeze-dried foods to help you sustain your expeditions. Discover with us everything you need to know about organic freeze-dried products.

Organic Freeze-Dried Meals

You can see that nowadays, organic farming is increasingly recommended. This is not really surprising if we consider the health benefits it offers. Since food freeze-drying is applicable to all, some companies are producing organic freeze-dried meals.

Where to find them?

Freeze-dried meals are generally not common. Organic products, as we often see them on the shelves, are expensive. They come from agriculture without specific inputs, just natural. This does not make their development easy. Also, the production yield is not significant. To compensate for the expenses incurred, they are sold a bit more expensive than products from intensive farming. Few companies take the risk of investing in this field. We do not know all those that do, but we can inform you about a few popular ones. For the brands that have proven themselves in the organic field, we can mention:
  • LYO FOOD: of Polish origin, this company covers all areas of food to be freeze-dried. Its organic products comply with set government standards;
  • M×3 BIO: this is a French company focused on organic freeze-drying. However, it does not only deal with organic, even though it has allocated a department to it;
  • VOYAGER: like M×3, it is also a French brand of organic products. In France, these two firms have proven themselves in terms of organic freeze-dried products.
This list may increase over time, as new competitors in the market try to follow the same path as these pioneers. When you need organic freeze-dried food, do not hesitate to turn to us. We have several organic products from these reference suppliers.

Some Organic Products to Compose Your Hiking Menus

We have menus for all times of the day.

In the Morning

To brighten your wake-up during your expeditions, we have some breakfasts that you can take to start your days.
  • Organic Nature Energy Muesli: it is an easy-to-carry breakfast from M×3; it weighs only 135 g with the packaging. It is composed of different mixed cereals for the pleasure of your taste buds and to ensure a significant carbohydrate intake. It costs 5.65 euros for an energy value of 472 Kcal;
  • Organic Apple, Cranberry, Cinnamon, and Chia Seed Porridge: a product from the LYO FOOD brand, it costs 5.90 euros. It is a 70 g vegan dish adapted to be gluten and lactose-free. 
  • Organic Chocolate Energy Muesli: a recipe with an energy value of 471 Kcal, rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and which can also serve as a dessert. It is a small energy reserve for 5.65 euros.

In the Afternoon or Evening

At these two times of the day, the ideal as an explorer is to refuel with a meal that makes you want to eat. The time for a rest is precious, and a good rest after physical effort also means good food. The items in our store for these moments are as follows:
  • Organic Oriental Chicken and Semolina: a pure delight for less than 7 euros. A meal ready in 10 minutes with hot water, rich in carbohydrates and without additives. Good to give you a big boost.
  • Organic Chicken Slices with Rice and Apples: it is a Normandy recipe with very good flavors at the price of 7.10 euros;
  • Organic Chana Masala: it is an alternative to the sandwich that you will surely want to take during a midday break for 3.60 euros.

Snack or Dessert Range

The most common to observe in the dessert range are organic fruits. Nevertheless, we also offer you drinks and some other snacks. You can see:
  • Organic Red Drink – Vitaminized: it is an organic vitaminized energy drink, very good for regaining energy without ruining your health;
  • Organic Apple Banana Compote

Advantages for Hikers or Outdoor Activity Practitioners

Organic freeze-dried meals have several advantages for hikers and other expeditioners.

Good Physical Health

Freeze-dried products are an advantage for people practicing this type of activity. They provide the body with the essential nutrients it needs. Freeze-drying is a process that takes place without chemical additives. Therefore, organic freeze-dried products remain organic. You do not have to worry about the quality of the products. From plant products to animal products, everything is organic and good for health.
You are therefore less likely to contract certain diseases such as cancer, obesity, or other diseases related to pesticides. These foods are good for health and are of very good nutritional quality. Consequently, the risk of indigestion decreases. Organic freeze-dried products contain fewer elements such as gluten, fat, or sugar.

Taste and Appearance

Organic products are known to be the juiciest and most flavorful, not to mention that they have a better appearance. The freeze-drying process keeps these details intact. Indeed, an organic freeze-dried product will always have the same taste and features as the original product. Moreover, the flavor remains well pronounced even with the addition of water. You get not only the same product as at the beginning but with less fat and excess nutrients.


Contrary to what one might think, organic freeze-dried foods are not that expensive. They are even more affordable to manage than non-freeze-dried ones. When you think about the expenses you might incur to acquire certain organic fruits, the choice is quickly made when it comes to freeze-dried products.

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