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Nemo Tensor Trail inflatable sleeping pad

Reference : NEM-10-17-00

The Tensor Ultralight inflatable mattress combines comfort, lightness, compactness and resistance. Everything you need for a good night’s sleep without encumbering your day. Compared to other mattresses, this mattress makes no creaking noise if you move around in your sleep.

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A hiking mattress is essential. It helps to avoid pain (back or elsewhere), to insulate against the chill of the ground and to ensure better comfort. In short, it improves your sleep. NEMO Equipment has therefore designed an ergonomic mattress to meet this need, which is also ultra-light and compact.

The Tensor mattress is an ultra-light and compact mattress. For example, the regular size weighs approximately 460 g and does not exceed 25 cm in length and 8 cm in diameter when folded. In other words, it takes up little space in your backpack and hardly weighs it down. A feat when you see its characteristics:

- An R-Value of 1.6: it insulates against the chill of the ground in summer and allows you to stay warm in your sleeping bag.

- No cracking noise when you move and turn around at night.

- Spaceframe™ technology provides stability and resistance. This prevents your elbows and knees from touching the ground, despite its low thickness.

- The Laylow™ valve system offers a regulating valve. This means that you can stop inflating without it deflating.

- A pump bag is supplied with the mattress, so you don't have to blow your mouth. It allows to inflate it quickly (the deflation is just as fast).

- The fabric is pleasant to the touch and the mattress comfortable.

Everything you need for a good night's sleep and good recovery from the day's efforts.

The NEMO Equipment Tensor Ultralight mattress is:

- Different sleeping pad models according to your size

- An ideal mattress for hiking, bivouacking, and camping

- Easy and quick to inflate and deflate

Weight (g) - R: 370g - R Mummy: 345g - RW: 460g
Materials - Fabric: 20 denier PU polyester. Made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials.
Additional information - Easy and quick inflation, saves breath and minimises moisture penetration - Personalised control of inflation, thanks to the valve - Adjustment and stabilisation of its weight - Fabric provides a soft feel - Quieter than all other inflatable mattresses on the market
Guarantee Lifetime warranty
Seasons 2 seasons
Included accessories - Repair kit
- Storage bag
- Pump bag
- Compression straps
Packaged dimensions (cm) R : 20 x 7.5cm | R Mummy : 20 x 7.5cm | RW : 24 x 7.5cm
Thickness (cm) 8
R-Value 1.6
Width (cm) R : 51 cm | R Mummy : 51 cm | RW : 64 cm
Length (cm) 183cm